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Replacing 3600HGV Modem/router


Replacing 3600HGV Modem/router

Can i easily replace my 2-wire 3600HGV with a new 2-wire 3600 HGV if i buy one? is there anything else i need to know besides simply unhooking the old one and putting the new one in its place? Thank You. (my wifi is burned out, there was an accident, ethernet  & home phone works.)

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Re: Replacing 3600HGV Modem/router

Can someone answer what i have to do to replace one 2-wire for another, simply hooking it up doesnt work, it does "Authetification Failure, contact service provider".


Why cant i replace a HGV3600 with another HGV3600 & it just work? And what do i have to do to make it work and get rid of authetification failure?

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