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Question on Setting up VPN on Mountain Lion Server WITHOUT an Airport Extreme Router


Question on Setting up VPN on Mountain Lion Server WITHOUT an Airport Extreme Router

I am trying to set up a VPN on my iMac using Mountain Lion Server.  Everything I see in my searches involves bridging an Airport Extreme behind the 2Wire Gateway.  Can anyone help me establish this connection WITHOUT having to use the AE, and using just the 2Wire gateway as the router?  The main problem I have is trying to log into the VPN on my home computer from my work computer. Since I am not sure where the problem starts, I'm trying to make sure I've done it right from the beginning.  I have set up the server from the video instructions from, but he too uses an Airport Express Router.  The reason I am trying to avoid using the AE is because (1) added expense, and (2) I see where there is another set of problems involving AE and AT&T UVerse, so why compound the problem. Thanks.

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Re: Question on Setting up VPN on Mountain Lion Server WITHOUT an Airport Extreme Router

Problem Solved.  I started digging into the pool of IP addresses allocated to both my OS X server, and the 2Wire Residential Gateway. Lo and behold, there was some overlapping of the IP addresses causing conflicts.  So I reset the IP addresses MANUALLY so that none overlapped.  I also made sure to use static IP addresses.  I then went about port forwarding the ports you listed to bypass the firewall.  I also reset the Security Authentication type on my 2Wire Gateway to WPA-TKIP instead of WPA2-AES.  I also shortened my Shared Secret to less than 10 characters.  Once at work I set up a NEW VPN remote connection witht he new shared secret.  SUCCESS!  Well partially...I had a VPN Connection, but could not access any websites in the browser.  Tried a few changes to the connection and eventually lost the ability to connect even after reversing the changes.  When all else fails, restart Windows.  That worked, but still no websites.  Then I went into the Connection Setting Properties again and merely inserted these DNS Server Addresses:, and (Google DNS).  Reconnected to the VPN, and it worked.

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