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My email account now gives me this message when I try to log in:


Your account is inactive. You will not be able to reset the password with your account in this status.(SFPWD43)


The AT&T website provides no information on how to remove the email account from 'inactive' status. The password cannot be reset in this condition. This is all *very* frustrating.


Any assistance would be appreciated.


Thank you.

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Re: Email Account Now Inactive

Has AT&T abandoned this forum?

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Re: Email Account Now Inactive

Solution provided via phone call with customer service.

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Re: Email Account Now Inactive

I am having the same issue. The difference being that it was my father who had a email account and my attempts with Customer Service have proven fruitless. I have made several attempts to access his email (he passed away in March) because I am executor and need access to handle his affairs and administer the Estate. I have been given numerous phone numbers or transferred (told numerous times they could not help because it was a free email account) and given a number to call at (phone number not supported and it disconnected me). All I am asking for is the phone number of someone who can help and have been met with resistance every time.


If there is anyone who can provide information what will help me resolve this issue, I will be grateful!


I would be more frustrated, but the incompetence demonstrated by AT&T Customer Service has reached a comical level.

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