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Problems with new email browser.

Problems with new email browser.

So At&t made me switch my email to the "new" format.  Now I constantly have problems where tabs don't work or I can't write. It is extremely slow!! Is it possible to switch back or fix these problems? My computer keeps saying there are unsecure items on this page and asks if I want to display them!

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Re: Problems with new email browser.

"New" Webmail is slow at times for me - on a 12 Mbps connection.  Often, dragging scroll bar on Inbox, Spam, stalls / hangs for a sec or 2, moves a bit - hangs some more, etc.


You can't switch back, AFAIK.


What is it exactly w/ tabs not working - how?

Which browser / addons do you use? 


I notice when Ghostery is active in Firefox 22, certain options (like accessing "Options" or hovering my name & seeing logout option) arent' displayed.  If I pause Ghostery on my email page, those functions reappear.  Wouldn't think accessing Options would be tied to trackers, advertising.


Honestly, except for changing acct settings (PW, entering address in contact list so won't get filtered), using Thunderbird client works MUCH better, w/ far more options & control, than "New" webmail.  Saying new webmail is spartan, is understatement of the century.

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