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Problems with ATTGLOBAL.NET again......


Problems with ATTGLOBAL.NET again......

Customer service says YES, there is another problem with email and don't know when it will be resolved.

After being without email service for two weeks later last month, I'm beginning to wonder if, indeed it is time to change my business address with AT&T.

I've had this address for 20 years and it is now embedded in my total business and business history.

It will take quite an effort to change everything over for me.

Does AT&T actually know what they're doing anymore. I'm very disappointed.


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Re: Problems with ATTGLOBAL.NET again......

We've been with them for 17 (or is it 18?) years and are finally fed up - looking for a new service provider.


I spent an hour on the phone with tech support last week, pointed out the major problem with sending. My wife spent 30 minutes with Customer Service (oxymora) today - no joy.


A week with no resolution is not acceptable - someone HIGH UP at ATT/Yahoo should be fired.




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