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Poor Internet Service for years


Poor Internet Service for years

Hi, I'm basically ranting about how I've always been getting very very poor internet service, before I moved I was simply at 700kb/s and the Technican said the "box" was atleast 7 miles away. Well my family and I moved once again and I crossed my fingers hoping that I would get much better service. But my prayers weren't answered and instead of 700kb/s I now get 150kb/s . So we just upgraded to better service of 1.5mb/s hoping that it will help the service improve. Guess what IT DIDN'T and we are proclaimed 13 miles away from the "box" now. Please give me some kind of advice , this was not the service I was promised I'm looking into other ISP's at this moment , I'm a long time fan and I'm very dissapointed. I'm located in Los Angeles California in the 90062 area code if that helps anything out, and here is what my speed test said which is a complete lie...  SpeedTest ^_^

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Re: Poor Internet Service for years



Can you also run a speed test on Speakeasy and compare the two. Please post those results as well.


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Re: Poor Internet Service for years

Typical att response...."it's not our live to far away.....we are overloaded.... Please...Just admit it...your service is pathetic.

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