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Parental Controls Issue


Parental Controls Issue

I just got Uverse and am trying to set up parental controls.  The only thing I care about blocking is pornography.  I have allowed all other content and applications, and have unchecked the "Analyze Dynamic Content" box.  In spite of this, parental controls still blocks access to certain things (e.g., Google Chrome, Task Manager).  Why is this?  How can I configure parental control to stop blocking these applications?



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Re: Parental Controls Issue

I think we are talking about parental controls on a computer here? if so, which application are you using?
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Re: Parental Controls Issue

Yes, on a computer.  It's the parental control application downloaded from the Uverse Internet account maintenance screen

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Re: Parental Controls Issue

Dump it, and if you have Windows, use the Parental controls for Windows. If Mac OS, it also has parental controls.
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Re: Parental Controls Issue

You can simply consider to use Open DNS or Aobo Filter, just block sites by url or keywords.

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Re: Parental Controls Issue

Hopefully this answer is not too late.  Last week I started using AT&T Parental Controls for the Internet.  (I think that is the official name for those who don't know about this software.)  I have the same issue and it appears there is no way to "allow" an application that is restricted by default.  I have it working for now, but I will try tweaking more later for better granular control.  Here is what I did to get it to work.


  1.  In Parental Controls, under the child account, go to "Quick Setup"

  2.  Give the child an "Adult" Restriction Level  (These restriction levels are nothing more than starting points for custom configuration.  Of course, you can leave the default restrictions as is, but I'm guessing most people will want to customize.  The "Adult" level is the only one that has zero restrictions.)

  NOTE:  At this point, your child should be able to load Google Chrome since absolutely nothing is blocked.  S/he will have to log out, then log back in for the changes to take affect.  You can pretend you're the child while testing.

  3.  Go to "Custom Setup"

  4.  Go to "Internet Content Categories..."

  5.  Choose the options you wish, but be sure that "Block Other Applications" is unchecked.  (This is at least one of the keys to using Google Chrome.  BTW, you may leave "Analyze Dynamic Content" checked.)

  6.  You are done.  Save on your way out, whenever applicable.

  NOTE:  For me, I will want to block some applications.  Unfortunately, I will not be able to block all of the wonderful default applications that AT&T had blocked since I don't know what they are.  But at least I now have full control.  I will definitely block the Registry Editor (regedit.exe probably in the Windows folder).


For those AT&T Parental Controls naysayers, it would help if you can explain why we should use other parental control solutions instead of simply downing the AT&T version and promoting another.  When compared to other free apps like Windows Parental Controls and Internet Explorer Parental Controls, I see AT&T's as superior.  It gives much more granular control, offers time of day restrictions, and has enough intelligence to block "social media" to a certain degree.  As a week-old user, some of this is still yet to be proven, but these are things that Windows and Internet Explorer do not offer.


But don't ask AT&T for help.  They simply do not have the knowledge and awareness.  Today I spent 30 minutes explaining to a Tier 1 about AT&T's parental controls and how it works, including the fact that software is actually downloaded onto the computers that need protection.  Then I spent another 20 minutes on hold for a Tier 2 who finally answered, then disconnected me (I hope inadvertently).  (I was not mean in any way to either one of the reps.)  That's 50 minutes of my life entirely wasted.


Helpful manage AT&T parental controls remotely (on a computer that does not have the software installed), go here:

and the online "user guide":

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Re: Parental Controls Issue

I did uncheck 'Block Other Applications'.  I keep getting a pop up near the system tray.  AT&T HTTPS Blocker  THIS SITE HAS BEEN BLOCKET  I want to use Google Chrome browser.  When ever the browser is launched, i keep getting a pop up message the browser has crashed and afer couple of attempts it will launch.  It is very confusing how the software is supposed to work and why it doesn't work with Google Chrome.  I appreciate someone responding.  AT&T technical support wasn't helpful.

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