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Outstanding AT&T representative!


Outstanding AT&T representative!

    On the night of October 23, 2013, I was lucky to have such an outstanding representative to assist me!  It was sort of a bittersweet situation.  My email had been hacked into, everyone on my contact list was spammed by "me", and I was locked out of my account.  I never thought something like this would ever happen to me and I just felt so vulnerable, especially since it was my email that I use for everything.  I envisioned that the hackers extracted all my personal information to access my credit cards, bank accounts, SSN, etc..I just thought the worse.  I had actually started to cry as I was explaining my situation to the representative.  However, he was very calm and patient with me throughout the ordeal.

    I was unable to access my email because either the hackers changed my password, or my account had just been locked after being flagged as a compromised account from all the recipients on my contact list.  Either way, I had no access to my account, couldn't reset my password, and just didn't know what to do.  Andrew, the representative that helped me and came to the rescue actually had to go through great lengths to restore my account.  My email had actually been a "sub-account" to a main one (my father's) that us kids created because he is not technologically savvy - so that account was never actually used.  We needed access to that account to unlock my sub-account, but nobody knew the password to my father's account.  This account was so old, it was created prior to security questions being a commonplace requirement.  The account was also created when we had a landline and internet bundled together, but now we only have internet so our account number is no longer our phone number.  This representative had to go through several departments to help me with the limited information that I could provide.  This man was persistent to help me through my ordeal even after having so many obstacles thrown at him, he would find another way.  He was with me on the phone for almost an hour and he apologized to me for the amount of time it was taking - I was in disbelief.  I actually felt like I should have apologized to him for having to go through so many hoops to help me!

    I hope that you guys really commend this man (hopefully a raise?)!  I really want to send him some homebaked cookies or something as a thank you!


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Re: Outstanding AT&T representative!

Hi ango7,


Thanks for taking the time to post about your positive experience. More often than not, people only post to express their dissatisfaction.


You can send a private message to the escalation team at ATT Customer Care and someone there will be sure to pass along your accolades. Try to provide details like day and time of call, the Rep's name and/or badge number, and your name and account number.


To check for their reply, click the little blue envelope.  List Private Messages






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Re: Outstanding AT&T representative!

Hey, ango7!


Thanks for sharing! We love hearing about great experiences with our reps. As Computer Joe said, the best way to forward these compliments would be by messaging ATTCustomerCare with the link in his post.


We hope you keep participating in the forums! See you around!



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