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Orphaned yahoo email link to At&t email


Orphaned yahoo email link to At&t email

Last week my Yahoo email got locked and it prompts me to change password which redirects me to an AT&T site.  I tried loggin in with my 2 previous email IDs and change password but yahoo email did not work (still redirects me to change password).  I called AT&T customer support multiple times and per instructions of one of the support agent deleted the 2 working email accounts to see if Yahoo email got unmerged.  It did not help.  I spoke to another DSL support rep today and she told me that in her systems she can she my Yahoo id is active but NOT linked to any At&t email sub accounts.  It is clearly a data/system error but she had no clue who can help me.  I have spent countless hours last week trying to resolve this issue but no success.  I have 15 years of email history in this account and all of a sudden it looks like I will no longer be able to access it as both Yahoo and AT&T have no clue as to what to do in this case.  Any help is appreciated.

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Re: Orphaned yahoo email link to At&t email

My issue was resolved by the AT&T escalation team.  Appreciate the effort they put to resolve this.  They found that my Yahoo email was linked to an old suspended At&T email account. They unlinked the two and then I was able to login thru Yahoo site.

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