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New home page loading slow


New home page loading slow

What is AT&T thinking? They have added so much crap to my home page that it will hardly load, sometimes it doesn't. I never had a problem before the big change. I reall don't need to see all of that

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Re: New home page loading slow

Hello @Reb712 


Try this link to log into your email, if it works well, I recommend bookmarking and using it instead of the home page.


Let me know if that works for you.


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Re: New home page loading slow

This may work for my e mail but it is?also slow?and it does not solve the problem of the home page loading slow or not at all. This problem was created by the new AT&T home page my account was working very well before this I expect it to work that way again or I will change my?internet provider.
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Re: New home page loading slow

How is his going to fix my problem??
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Re: New home page loading slow

Right now my e mail account is frozen, as it does very often. I cannot delete anything and I cannot move from inbox to send and back and so forth. This all started wit the NEW home page.
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