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New email settings post- Dec 11 for android??


New email settings post- Dec 11 for android??

Hi all- 


I cannot find help for this anywhere and using the 'contact us' on the att website 3 days ago didn't even get me a response.  Since Dec 11, when the email settings were changed, I cannot check email on my android phone.  My home computer is fine, but I do need to check that account at times when I'm away from my computer.  What are the new settings please? I get a network error on the phone and can't use the updater because the OS is 'unsupported'. The phone is an HTC One if that matters, and the current server is  



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Re: New email settings post- Dec 11 for android??

Hello, pammh!


Thanks for posting! Click on the link below to view the new email settings.


Email Server Settings


Let me know if you have any other questions or concerns!



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Re: New email settings post- Dec 11 for android??

What does 'free' mean? I've been accessing my email on my mobile phone (android email client) since I became a Uverse customer in 2012... I pay for internet which included email... so technically I pay for email.

The settings in the link above are not working and if I cannot access my email on my phone's client then I will be taking my business elsewhere. This is simply ridiculous.
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Re: New email settings post- Dec 11 for android??

So why is it so difficult for anyone to come out and say- the settings are the same now for the phone as on a computer?  


A little note that these work for android as well as PC operating systems should be easy....but no- no indication that phone settings are no longer different.  I took a chance and tried it because no one from ATT could be bothered to answer- and it works; however, it wiped my account completely off my phone and started over fresh.  I guess it's a good thing that everything important is still on my laptop.  Still, I am so unimpressed with the lack of customer service.

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