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New AT&T Yahoo! Email


New AT&T Yahoo! Email

Okay, so I have switched to the NEW AT&T Yahoo! email.  Problems right out of the starting gate.  Three times in one day I have been asked to log in because my "Session has expired."  Passwords I originally used were no longer accepted. Cannot FILTER unwanted emails in one step; now have to click on the Options icon (which takes me out of my Inbox where the unwanted email is located), cannot copy email from Sender box to paste in Filter box.  This NEW format is a HOT MESS!  Please tell me how to change back to the original version.  Sometimes new is not better.

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Re: New AT&T Yahoo! Email

Me too! This version needs to be canned asap. You need to send mass email with apology and instructions on how to get our old true and tried version back. Newer in this case does NOT translate to improved.
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Re: New AT&T Yahoo! Email

I was switched to the new email 2 weeks ago. Immediately I started to lose emails. Anything that is somewhat secure (bank statements, passwords, etc.) does not come through. It's not going into Spam, it's just lost.  I still get hundreds of ads, personal mail, etc. I have talked to 2 tech people and have no resolution. Any ideas?

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Re: New AT&T Yahoo! Email

I'm not sure if I've "lost" any emails w/ new webmail (or their new system, in general).

AT&T was "supposed" to have sent confirmation emails about changing to Uverse.  Never showed up nor in spam folder - after 2 requests.  They had no clue.  Finally a retention agent sent it from his private email acct.  Got it then.


AT&T's own important emails about my  acct were filtered as spam, so didn't get to Thunderbird.  Had to enter several AT&T addresses in webmail contacts, just to receive them.

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