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Netgear 7550 DSL Router/Modem Connection Fails


Netgear 7550 DSL Router/Modem Connection Fails

Issue: Unstable connectivity for wireless devices (i.e., internet radio: Logitech Squeezeboxes).


Devices streamed fine before change-out to Netgear 7550 from prior 2wire modem.  

Other networked wifi (and ethernet) computers & printers seem ok.



I checked the 'connection info' and see that IP  is diagnosed as"fail"

and a "fail" for 'continuity check to 6 BR' is also showing on the details of the IP fail.



The connectivity instability has been going on for a month now.  Any help would be welcomed.  


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Re: Netgear 7550 DSL Router/Modem Connection Fails


I neglected to include that on initial install of Netgear 7550, the streaming through Logitech squeezebox devices seemed to work fine without connectivity issues.  Now, however, the devices' connections to the network are unstable. 

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Re: Netgear 7550 DSL Router/Modem Connection Fails

No answer form ATT yet? What a surprise.

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Re: Netgear 7550 DSL Router/Modem Connection Fails

I had problems with the 7550 and my squeezebox Boom and Radio, too. The squeezeboxes would run into trouble when they had been off or asleep, then turned on and found that the router had given their ip address to another device.


Don't know if this is your problem; continuity check to 6 BR is an IPv6 thing and may be unrelated.


My solution was to configure the router DHCP to use the range to for mobile phones, visiting laptops or any other devices that come and go, and to set the squeezeboxes (or any other permanently resident device, e.g. wireless printer, desktop pc, iPad) to fixed IP addresses outside that range, e.g. and above.


The 7550 firmware does not allow fixed ip addresses (set by the router) but this is functionally equivalent.


The Squeezebox Boom is easy to configure for a static IP, the SB Radio had to be hacked (found the proc by googling; unfortunately it is not a beginner thing).

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Re: Netgear 7550 DSL Router/Modem Connection Fails

Thanks plainv70.  I've been occupying my 'spare' time reading up on SB protocols - learning new (but at best tangental) info. Your info will give me a new direction (I really did not want to go there -- but I'll take more time on it to beef up knowledge/skill set ie, I'm not by any means expert in that area yet it does make sense as you explain it).  I see on other postings last year, the 7550 has been problemmatic and one expert referred the query to email att staff...If i do end up going that route, i'll post info here for our community message board.


On another note: later the same day as original post, my 7550 began flashing a green pulse growing ever slower, then red light pulse and it cycles off, red; death spiral for little 7550. Only December 2012 install so replaced under warranty with another non-stable 7550.  I'll spare the details (MommyW333 can guess, i'm sure).  This has been an adventure and 'learning experience.'  If I learn anything worth sharing, I'll be sure to post.  Again, thanks plainv70 for info and encouragement. 




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Re: Netgear 7550 DSL Router/Modem Connection Fails

Since I straightened out the local ip addresses, my 7550 has been ok for the most part. Every few weeks it hangs and I just reboot it. I suspect that it also tends to run hot (a lot of home consumer electronics do--facilitates planned obsolescence). So I set mine up vertically for better air flow and cooling. If I was really ambitious, I'd add a muffin fan to the case and or heat sinks on the key chips.


Further to "continuity check to 6 BR"  failure. This is indeed an IPv6 issue and may be due to the inability of the modem to connect to a webhost specified in the firmware, i.e. the webhost could be defunct. My 7550 generates the same error, however, IPv6 is up and running just fine.

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Re: Netgear 7550 DSL Router/Modem Connection Fails

MY 2WIRE which lasted for 10 years died with wonderful WIRELESS Support. Just got the NETGEAR 7550 from ATT STORE - it i horrible. My DSL crashes about 5 to 10 times a day - I can't even have TWO laptops wireless connection last all day, like my 2WIRE.


I was told by support that this is best router to have - I have to disagree - i asked if others were having the same problem and I was told it is rare. So I decided to search the internet and found this forum. If the NETGEAR is really not a NETGEAR then it is shameful to use the name.  PLUS no documentation, NO Configurations Options, nothing!!! It is the worst piece of junk.


I am investigating right now switching to COMCAST and I am seeing if it is available in my area. I will not put up with this because we use the internet to connect or business, and plus I work from home time to time. 2WIRE NEVER GAVE POOR PERFORMANCE EVER!!


I do think AT&T does not care about their customers at all - since they are pushing this terrible router that cost $100 DOLLARS. It stinks... I can only change the CHANNEL and the MODE and that is IT!!! no other options for firewall - I have no control. I am not confrontable that I have a secure connection or not... I am not able to see the FIREWALL results or a view of my NETWORK!!!!



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Re: Netgear 7550 DSL Router/Modem Connection Fails

2Wire is now a part of Pace. Maybe you would be happier with this router:


You might also try calling tech support, tell them you want to escalate your complaint and firmly ask to speak with a tier 2 support person.

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Re: Netgear 7550 DSL Router/Modem Connection Fails

The PACE DSL Gateway Model 4111N Is this a WIRELESS MODEM also, it does not mention it.

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Re: Netgear 7550 DSL Router/Modem Connection Fails

Click on the "technical specs" tab on the product page (link above).


PACE DSL Gateway Model 4111N

ADSL Device configured for AT&T DSL services
WAN Interface: ADSL (RJ-11)
LAN Interface: 4 port 10/100 Ethernet with Auto-crossover (RJ-45); high powered 802.11N MIMO access point or high powered HyperG access point
PPP over Ethernet (PPPoE) gateway / pass-thru
Static IP capable


Full spec at Pace website. Don't be surprised if you can't find a manual...


Yes, it is wireless. 802.11 b/g/n


You can find them on Ebay for under $50, too. 

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