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Motorola 3360 Daily Login Issue - Please help


Motorola 3360 Daily Login Issue - Please help


I've had ATT DSL for around 6 months now. In the first few months I had this service, I had my modem (Motorola 3360) bridged with a Linksys WRTG router and all worked fine. About a month ago, my power company shut off our power in the community for a few hours and since then I have had nothing working correctly.

I now have the router out of the picture and am only dealing with the motorola 3360 modem. The problem that I face is this:

Everyday that I come home from work my DSL connection redirects me to my modem's login page for my ATT email/password and then I am sent ( on successful login ) to my modem access code page and am prompted for that code. After I give these two things my internet works fine for the entirety that I use it. - I never get dropped while I am using the connection. 

But, come tomorrow - it will prompt me for my login/modem access code again in able to use my connection. It was also do this when I restart my modem for any reason. This causes me to NOT be able to put my modem into bridged mode for a router because it will immediately afterwards request a username/pass and access code (only one of which my router can provide).

I'm at a loss. I've called ATT reps multiple times and they have no idea. I really don't want to go the repair tech route but I'm guessing that may be my only option. 


Things I have tried-

  1. Replaced the Motroloa 3360 modem with a brand new Motorola 3360 modem.
  2. Replaced the cat-5 cable.
  3. Replace the phone line connection.
  4. I have 0 filters on my connection.
  5. Resetting the modem to factory defaults and reconfiguring it with my ATT connection.
  6. Replacing the power cord.
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Re: Motorola 3360 Daily Login Issue - Please help

Hello dalbrecht14


I'm sorry for the issue with your service. I know how annoying network problems can get and we want to help. Please send us a private message by clicking here, one of our social media care specialists will reach out to you to help troubleshoot or make a tech appointment if needed. Please include your name, phone number and the best time you can be reached.


Let me know if you have any questions.


Thank you,


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