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Mac .Mail JACKED by ATT.NET Update since June 26 >> ConnecTech Wants to Pump Me for Revenue???


Mac .Mail JACKED by ATT.NET Update since June 26 >> ConnecTech Wants to Pump Me for Revenue???

So.  Been an AT&T Uverse customer for a long time.  NEVER had issues getting my primary email and sub-account emails working on Mac .Mail or thru the web portal.


SINCE the AT& email upgrade notice (since about June 26th, 2013), I lost access to three sub-account emails, while my primary and one other sub-account email still function (so far).  I could net get them to send / receive without the dreaded username / password combo dialog box.


As a test, I tried editing the email account preferences (thru Mac .Mail) to the new inbound. and outbound. server settings.  NO GO.  Switched back to prior settings that worked fine in the blah blah days.


So after a week or two, I called AT&T  tonight.  Was transferred THREE TIMES and on the third time it was ConnecTech who wanted to pump me for a monthly (?) and / or a one-time $49 fee for the call to "resolve" my issue.  Because you see, the AT&T "service" only provides me with access to the internet ... but anything else like a CONFIGURATION PROBLEM ON THE ATT server side of life ... NOT MY COMPUTER ... well ... it's handled by "their" department and they are sure they can help me with configuration of my computer ... but 1st I must PAY.


I asked to be transferred (from Benjamin) to a supervisor (Oscar).  Oscar gave me the same run around and was almost rude when I refused to pay for a ATT Server configuration / migration problem.  CHARGING or trying to pump your customers for MORE REVENUE for such a simple freaking "fix" on the AT&T server side (my computer is operating FINE) ... is UNFORGIVEABLE.


I did just try the web portal login and was able to access one of the prior unaccessible sub-accounts.  Will keep working to see how to resolve and get back to you peeps on a "home" remedy workaround to the unbelievable treatment from AT&T reps.  What a disgrace.  Don't we pay ENOUGH already for a "premium" service with sub-prime treatment?

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Re: Mac .Mail JACKED by ATT.NET Update since June 26 >> ConnecTech Wants to Pump Me for Revenu

A quick update .... individually logging in to each email sub-account via the web portal .... checking mail and logging out ... seemed to fix "whatever" needed fixing to be able for MAC .MAIL to begin receiving the messages again. I don't know how long this will last .. will update in a day or two. Still STEAMING that they tried pumping for revenue in this manner.
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