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Locked out of my email

Locked out of my email



I discontinued my "SBC DSL" service several years ago, but was told that I could continue to keep my old email addresses ending in "" forever.


I have a primary that I have been able to have access to, but there is one sub accout (ending in "") that has been locked, and I can't get access to because it was hacked and then locked.


I have been contacting support reps for the past month, and have been told to contact other support reps because "they don't handle free email".


If there is absolutely no way I will ever be able to get access into this email account, I would like to know so I can stop working on this.  Otherwise, if there is a way that you can help me get this account unlocked, I would appreciate it greatly.  Just for the record, I have tried the "password reset", but it doesn't work because it's been locked.



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Re: Locked out of my email

Looks like I finally got back in by asking for help on the chat line, but I still can't get access to my email.  Will open up the chat line again tomorrow.

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Re: Locked out of my email

So tell me have you recovered your sbcglobal email? I am currently locked out of mine.



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Re: Locked out of my email

Same problem. Can't reset because security questions are not valid. Meaning, I never set these questions, but tried all possible answers with no luck. ATT support can/will not help because my DSL account was closed in 2012. they asked for my old account number and I happened to have the last statement with the info, but they had no available record of this account. I have tried all ATT and Yahoo online suggestions with no luck. I really need to access my email. Can anyone help please. I have tried calling Yahoo support, but after 2+hours holding on my phone, no live person.

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Re: Locked out of my email

I am having the same problem.  Because my email is the "free" email with no ATT service, I have no way of contacting anyone about it.  If ATT wanted me to discontinue my service, they could have told me ... instead of locking me out without the ability to transfer my contacts or archive my saved messages.  If anyone finds out how to get back into their email account, please share!

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