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Locked out of Free ATT&T Email


Locked out of Free ATT&T Email

I have had my free att&t email for over 10 years. I tried to long in the other day with same password I have been using for years. The sais that the password is not correct. I tried to reset my password and it would not let me. They said the answer to my security questions were incorrect. I'm unable to request a temporary password and I am at a lost. I do everything business thru this email and I can not acess it. Please help

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Re: Locked out of Free ATT&T Email

Natalie Howard,


     Hello Natalie, I'm sorry to hear that you've been locked out of your email account. I have included a email and login in help link and a private message link. It sounds like the first link might not be much help for it is giving you the opportunity to answer a security question, so it sounds like you were already on the right track. The second link is to send a private message to one of our ATTCustomer care team members. Please include your name, an accessible email, a phone number and the best time in which you can be contacted. Please also allow up to 48 hrs for a team member to reach out.


Email login and password help


Private Message


Thank you,


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Re: Locked out of Free ATT&T Email

Natalie,   I had the same problem you did.  I fought with AT&T for 2 days being told that there was nothing else that could be done and that the email was gone.  Not true.  The problem is I (and everyone else) have been talking to (for the most part) an overseas Help Desk that has neither the resources nor the knowledge to be of any useful assistance.  All that is needed is a simple password reset by a Network Administrator.  How do I know that?  I used to be one (retired) and I did that all the time.  After talking, chatting, emailing looking for an answer for the same scenario, I wised up.  I went to a local AT&T Office with proof of who I was (drivers license), that is the final resoulution.  They got ahold of an AMERICAN AT&T help desk, I proved who I was with drivers license to the local AT&T Office and they transferred the Retail Sales Consultant I was working with to an AMERICAN Network Administrator. who reset my password (in less than 5 minutes) and I was able to use my account again.  That is the only path that worked for me, if you still have a need for your account, it should still be available.

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Re: Locked out of Free ATT&T Email

When you said "Local AT&T office" do you mean a retail store?  I am having similar problems (have had the same email for 7 years).  ATT has selected the wrong email backbone (yahoo). It has driven me to the point that I am switching to gmail AND I am about to pull my $750-800 per month business away from ATT (business + home UVerse + wireless).  AT&T service has been pathetic (which is bad because we have really enjoyed UVerse).  All because AT&T will not bite the bullet and fix their email problems (which boils down to their needing to pull away from Yahoo).  SAD!

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Re: Locked out of Free ATT&T Email

I had the same problem this week Jan 2014. Its solved but wish your post was easier to find. A couple of things I wish I'd known during the process.
It would have save me a lot of time. Last week my husband mentioned a problem with his password in passing and that he got help from chat support so when I got locked out I wondered if it was related. I tried to reach chat but "no one is available". I spent 2.5 hours total on phone with tech support about this. First question I asked was could problem be related to his or main user account but she said no. She said she had to get her supervisor. She told me Yahoo had locked me out, not AT&T. She told me I'd have to call Yahoo to figure it out but she gave me new temporary password to try. Before I let her off the phone, I asked for telephone numbers for Yahoo. I let her off phone w/her after it looked like new personalized password would fix the problem but it didn't. When I tried to log in, I was told my account was locked but that if my parents would log on they might allow me. Cute, but not relevant. I'm the parent. And neither of the phone numbers she gave me for Yahoo were real.
Next hour on the phone with tech support--"Why, yes", said "Fred", the problem was related to the main user so we reset that password and secret questions and then my subaccount password, took about 30 min. This time, though, before I let "Fred" go, I made sure I could log into my email account and that I could send and receive messages. Fred was getting antsy, I could tell (I'm sympathetic to tech support people who have to get next call, but not at my expense again)l, but I'm glad he stayed on the line because we spent the next half an hour trying to figure out why I could send an email to myself but couldn't get one from my husband, who sent it to me real-time while Fred and I were working on this. Fred finally had to remote into my email inbox. Long story, and I considered switching all my email to gmail but I'm going to give att/yahoo another try. Fred in the Phillippines made me think that I'll stay with ATT for a while longer.
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