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Internet going half the speed.


Internet going half the speed.

I switched from comcast to ATT u-verse internet and TV about 3 days ago, for the last 2 days everything was fine. Great speed, great connection. But as of today my internet has been going about half the speed I'm paying for.


I have the 45mbps Power package with ATT U-Verse and I'm currently getting somewhere between 20-26mbps download speed, sometimes it even drops to 17mbps. I use my internet with wireless laptops, but its around the same speed when I hard wire. With the wireless I've had some seriously bad spikes, where my download speed was at 5.77mbps.


I provided the average speedtest results for both hardwired and wireless.


Wireless:  WIRELESS


Hardwired: hardwire



And this below are the results from


Wireless: pingwireless


Hardwire: hardwireping


For some reason, googlemaps and sites like it that search for location based on IP think I am in other states like Kansas, Texas, Oklahoma and the sort. When I am really in Chicago. The results on pingtest may not be THAT accurate.



My modem/router is: NVG589


All lights are on, both broadband lights are too. Wireless and Ethernet are on but constantly flashing, I am not sure if that is normal. I've done a hard reset on it, nothing has changed. I flushed the DNS, and I changed the chanel in the gateway and also checked for lose cables. 


I also have a smaller box wireless acess point, I haven't messed with that as I don't know nor think it has anything to do with the issue since I'm having the same problem when I'm hardwired. 


I did however find the datacable jack box open, I am unsure how it got open. Perhaps it was my cats but this is how it looks. 


Data box



I don't know if those cables are supposed to be lose like that or what. I spoke to an agent online they couldn't figure anything out, I was given the option to schedule a technician but I could be charged $100 for it, which is pretty redicolous since I JUST got service with ATT 3 days ago. 


I also started to recieve this message on the AT&T troubleshoot page (which I hadn't before I spoke to the agent):

"The AT&T Troubleshoot & Resolve Tool has detected that the signal strength of your Wi-Fi Connection is very low. This can result in a slow and intermittent Wi-Fi connection. Please try and move your computer closer to the Residential Gateway to improve the signal strength."


How can I fix this slow internet problem? I'm sorry if I'm coming a little strong but I'm worried because I had a similar problem with my old ISP and they couldn't figure out what was wrong. 

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Re: Internet going half the speed.

I thinking you must have lost the signal on one of the two pair required for this level of service.  UVrealtime doesn't support the NVG 589 yet, so I can't send you there.  Take your browser on a tour of and see if you find anything interesting in there.


I'd say you have a bit too much unsheathed cable there, but nothing terribly abnormal.  It was probably like that for the first two days when it was working great so, I'd not worry about that.  


As for the $99 charge, the phone people have to say that.  You have what amounts to a warranty on the installer's work for 30 days, so if you need to, haul those people out there and refuse to sign any paperwork authorizing a charge.  If a charge shows up anyway, there are people who you can reason with to get rid of it.


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