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Internet dropping and downsyncing (6 --> 3 mbps)


Internet dropping and downsyncing (6 --> 3 mbps)



I've been having syncing issues for long while now (several years) but I'm finally bothered enough to seek help here.


I swear that when it gets hotter outside, internet would frequently drop 2-3 times a day, and when it syncs back again, it syncs back at a lower downstream sync rate (6 mbps --> 3 mbps). To fix it, I would reset the NVG510, and it would be back to 6. But within half a day or a day, it would drop again. Again, I really think it has to do with the weather, because these issues are pretty rare during the winter.


I had a tech come out Friday. She was great, and determined there to be no issue with the line. But I would think for AT&T to diagnose anything, they'd have to monitor my life for a much longer time. She told me to call tech support when the drop and downsync happens and see what they can determine on their end. She said if it's not house related, it has to be a problem outside the home (i.e. AT&T's problem). happens, and I call. I learned my lession to not call during the weekend, because support calls are routed overseas. [Why does AT&T waste money on these people? Why?!] The first guy picks up and does the standard script with me. Wasted half an hour. He transfers me to a higher tier, I immediately notice this woman's accent, and she infuriates me even more. She said it's my computer's fault and she had the audacity to tell me to subscribe to a technical support service. "How would you like to be billed, credit card or through your phone bill?" 


Got very angry and hung up. 


Now I'm here. 


How do I contact some people who are knowledgeable? Someone help me please! Thank you!


P.S. I notice that my downstream SN Margin would increase greatly from the time I reset the router to when problems happen (~6.5 --> ~20 dB). I have a Mac, so I can't provide any UV Realtime data. 

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Re: Internet dropping and downsyncing (6 --> 3 mbps)

Contact ATT Customer Care here:

Send them a private message, on this link, and they should be able to give the help needed to solve your problems. They are available M-F 8am-11pm EST, response can take up to 2 business days.

This is not the regular CS/TS people, but the social media people that know the people to contact to get things done. I personally know as they've helped me on a DVR swap.

Include your account#, email address and a good phone # (land or cell) and time to contact you on.

Check the blue PM envelope, upper right, in case they replied this way. Good luck Smiley Wink



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