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Internet disconnects for 5-20 seconds exactly every hour.


Internet disconnects for 5-20 seconds exactly every hour.

I have been experiencing very short disconnects from the wireless internet exactly every hour (7:30 PM, 8:30 PM, 9:30 PM, 10:30 PM, etc). This problem gets very annoying especially when I am playing online games. When I get disconnected I check my connection bars and there is a little Warning Sign on them, I check its status and it says "Unidentified Network" then it connects back and says "Identified" within 5-20 seconds. I kept track of the disconnects for 4 hours today and the disconnects happened at the times above. I was having this same problem in one of my older houses a year ago with a different router. The disconnects were evenly distributed throughout the day (I estimate every 30 minutes) and got so annoying that I bought a new router (the one I have currently). Everything was fine with the new router, until now. It feels awful being due for a disconnect every hour, especially when I am doing something important. If this is a problem that's fixable, tell me, if it isn't, tell me so I can cancel my subscription.

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Re: Internet disconnects for 5-20 seconds exactly every hour.

Is hardwired connection dropping? Do lights on modem disconnect and reconnect? Is there anything happening (alarm system for example) that is overriding connection.

If no issue hardwired and only wireless, something is creating wireless interference in home or immediate area (in an apartment or condo complex) causing your device to lose connection to modem. Try changing wireless channel or use an app like wifi analyser or inSSIDer to find less congestion. Wireless is 2.4ghz same as microwaves, garage door, baby monitor, wireless home phones, wireless headphones, etc...
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Re: Internet disconnects for 5-20 seconds exactly every hour.

I brought my laptop downstairs to where my modem is at 10 AM today (last disconnected at 9 AM) and watched the modem's lights. The wireless light was flashing as normal and everything was fine. When I got disconnected at exactly 10 AM the lights didn't change, there was no change at all, the only thing that happened was the short 5 second disconnect (was on an online game). I just want to point out that some of my family members also use wireless connection in the house and when I disconnect they do not, although there was one point in time when my brother was experiencing some disconnecting, but not as frequent as mine. The hardwired connection does not drop because my XBOX plays fine online throughout the day, so it's just wireless. I read another forum post and this problem and someone mentioned something about a Firewall being overprotecting and "packet flooding". Do you mind looking into this and explaining it to me?

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Re: Internet disconnects for 5-20 seconds exactly every hour.

I suffer this same issue. Its usually around 10 minutes before the hour that I actually start to see lag such as in games or buffering freezing in streaming movies. On the hour I disconnect, if I reconnect before the 10 minute mark after the hour I see more lag and then have a coin flip chance of getting thrown off again. No lights ever change and its my entire house. Its becoming quite the irritant and would love to know how to fix it. How ever I am hard wired and usually see the issue through my gaming console, but have tested it on a desktop and laptop and still have the same issue as the console
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