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Internet connection repeatedly dropping


Internet connection repeatedly dropping

I own a DGN2200v3 Netgear router and may have only had this thing for about less than a year perhaps yet over the past few months the internet connection has gotten really really spotty. As I was signing up for this forum my connection dropped and last night the connection dropped again and again and again making my internet unable to be used.


Of course I assumed it was the router and went to Best Buy to talk to a guy about it and he suggested getting in contact with AT&T because there could be a mac address conflict that could be messing up the connection. I know it isnt my house because I had a DGN2000 that worked fine for a long while before its performance started acting like this router.


Any truth to the mac address conflict? Does AT&T have a different address on file rather than the one the router uses? Is there something else that is going on thats causing the problems that Im unaware of within the technical aspect of our DSL service? 


Thanks in advance

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Re: Internet connection repeatedly dropping

Can I get some input please?
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Re: Internet connection repeatedly dropping

Which Uverse RG (residential gateway) do you own....?
510, 2210, 2701hgvb is for adsl2+ accounts, the 3600, 3800, 3801, i38hg, 589, 5031 are for vdsl accounts.

These are Uverse RGs, as your post is in a Uverse forum, I take it you have Uverse in one form or another.
Many routers can be placed behind the above units in DMZ mode, is that what you have done?

If you have a DSL account, and not a Uverse ADSL2+ or VDSL then have no information to offer.


edit: I am sorry I notice afterwards this is for DSL internet and not posted under Uverse.

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Re: Internet connection repeatedly dropping

The clue maybe in


Is the firewall allowing the DHCP renewal packets? They get refreshed every 10 minutes.  Check the settings.

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