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Internet Access Control on 3801HGV 2Wire Router/modem


Internet Access Control on 3801HGV 2Wire Router/modem

I am looking for some help on the Internet Access Control (parental control) feature of the 3801HGV modem:



Bottom right of the first page: "Parental Controls (Internet Access Controls and Content Screening)

Limit access to specific Websites, monitor browsing history and usage, and enforce time restrictions on common applications."


Doing a search on, I find this article:


It looks like a very cool feature where I can select the ip/machine name connected to the modem/router and define what days of the week and times of the day that it is allowed internet connectivity.  This is EXACTLY what I want.

I want to be able to make sure my teenage kids do not have internet after their bedtimes (differs on weekends and weekdays). 


Unfortunately, the controls and links referred to in this pdf are NOT what I see when I login to my modem at


I have contacted Att support (online chat) twice.  One time they gave me a link to an ATT parental application that monitors web access.  While this looks like it will do what I want, I have to install this on each PC and they have to login to the application everytime they get on their machine.  I actually dont want to go this route if I dont have to.  I want to control it at the router. I dont even want them knowing about it if they dont have to. 


The other support tech said he could see what I was talking about, but couldnt help me. He referred me to a for pay based service provider -- 

Yogesh: I have checked through my resources for the information on parental control.

Yogesh: I see that there is no option online for the parental control.

Yogesh: In this case you need to get in touch with the Connectech to resolve the issue.

Yogesh: The number for Connectech is 1-866-294-3464 for 7 days between 8 am to 11 pm.


It is obvious from the vendor (2WIRE) that this should be a built in feature for my modem/router. And even support articles show how to use it.  I dont understand why I cannot locate the links or configuration in my modem. Is the loaded firmware something ATT gave me that skimps on the router's capabilities? If you can offer any assistance, I would love the help!

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Re: Internet Access Control on 3801HGV 2Wire Router/modem

Unfortunately, the router-based parental controls are not available in AT&T's provided gateways.


The manuals you're using are manuals for the stock 2Wire firmware, which is manufacturered and maintained by 2Wire (now Pace).  When AT&T contracted with 2Wire to use their gateways for the U-Verse system, AT&T specified a customized firmware build, which eliminates the parental controls.


You have 2 choices:


1. You can use AT&T's PC-based parental controls application which must be installed on each PC.  This software also can only protect desktops and laptops, it does not have a version for tablets and phones.


2. You can purchase a 3rd-party router that has parental controls built it, and set this up behind the 2Wire router.  The 3rd-party router will then control web access.


See the following post for instructions to set up your own router using the DMZPlus feature:



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Re: Internet Access Control on 3801HGV 2Wire Router/modem

So they intentionally dumbed down the hardware?  Why would they possibly want to take functionality away from us? The software based solution is NOT an option.  Since installing it to test, my chrome keeps crashing. And I need a solution that affects all devices (it would be nice to shut down my daughter's Roku so she cant be watching tv after midnight).


How inefficient and costly to have to put ANOTHER device in my network!  This should be looked into by ATT and remedied. So unhappy. 

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Re: Internet Access Control on 3801HGV 2Wire Router/modem

It may have been as simple as limited NVRAM in the router for storing the code, or insufficient RAM for running the code in combination with the stuff that AT&T needed added to the firmware; Dropping the Parental Access Control was far from the only change that was made.


Sometimes it is better to build a system from pieces that do the best job than just one big thing that does a so-so job at the whole thing.  Remember audio component systems vs. the all in one?

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