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Internal server error (#IS6532) from

Internal server error (#IS6532) from

In the last few days, my email client (Eudora) has been getting error messages from, "Internal server error (#IS6532)". This happens on multiple computers, but only about half the time.


Q1) Is there any way to get support for AT&T/Yahoo email? I can't find anything useful on the web site, and chat agent doesn't understand the question.


Q2) What is the cause of these error messages from AT&T?

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Re: Internal server error (#IS6532) from

I have been getting the same error for mutiple and email accounts from outlook connections.  I changed the server names to and for my accounts but  I am still seeing the problem.

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Re: Internal server error (#IS6532) from

Since I posted the original message, I also tried changing the POP  and SMTP server names. This seemed to slightly decrease the internal server errors, but by no means eliminate them.

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Talked to Tech Support

This morning, I talked to a level 2 technician at AT&T about the email errors that I (and many, many other posters) have been getting. I am running Outlook 2010 in Windows 7 and have been having the popup password request issues for some time now.


According to the level 2 tech, this is a server problem on the AT&T end.  It has nothing to do with the Outlook setup on our end.  AT&T is working on it, but as yet it has not been resolved.  His only suggestion was to use web mail in the mean time.


My two questions at this point are:  (1) Why is it taking so long to fix the server, and (2) Why has no AT&T rep come on this forum and said there is a problem and they are working on it.

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Re: Internal server error (#IS6532) from

I have been receiving this message since about 11/1/11. I have reported the problem to AT&T many times only to be told the problem is on my end. However when I installed Outlook 2010 and started getting messages when the security ID changed, I found that the problem is coming out of only one tag not the three they seem to have. If I lump all the errors Outlook (#IS6532 is one of about three) is giving me, it appears that the server is having trouble reading the login in and password. Note that you will only see a message about the security tag on the first instance of Outlook connecting to a given server. I am also getting "maildrop is unavailable" and "server not ready" in addition to Internal server error (#IS6532). All of these put together sure look like a communication problem with the server.

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Re: Internal server error (#IS6532) from

I get error messages (such as IS6532) and others constantly. AT&T tech support was no help. The long list of emails they sent were of no help. This is not a Eudora problem or a problem on my end. From other posts, it is an AT&T problem. I'll keep watching to see if AT&T provides actual help, rather than trying to sell me something.

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Re: Internal server error (#IS6532) from

I've been getting this message in Thunderbird, too (I use for an address.) It doesn't happen every time, but maybe 5-10 times a day when checking the mail every 30 minutes.
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Re: Internal server error (#IS6532) from

I use an apple iBook G4 and Mail 2.1.3 and have had the same error message (IS6532) on & off since November 2011.  After 2 months of no problems, I got it again today.  My Safari 4.1.3 is also crashing for what its worth when it's on the site.  You never get any answers when calling,  They always want to blame our computers.  I escalated to tier 2 support and they still didn't want to admit that there was/is a server problem.

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Re: Internal server error (#IS6532) from

I am getting the same thing with thunderbird but it goes through with Windows Live Mail 2011. I do at some times get the password prompt but then it goes through.

Problem is I'm switching over to Thunderbird for all my mail.

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Re: Internal server error (#IS6532) from


I use Mozilla Thunderbird as a platform to coordinate my Yahoo, Gmail and my ISP email accounts and apart from flaky spell checking (and I seem to be the only person in the world who has a Thunderbird spell check problem according to Mozilla) I find Thunderbird is fantastic.


I believe this (#IS6532) problem must relate to Yahoo's server not recognising Yahoo email logon passwords. 


Usually I find the problem lasts only a day or so then it goes away on its own.  If I cannot afford to wait, I just reset my Yahoo password and then access my Yahoo emails immedaitely.


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Re: Internal server error (#IS6532) from

They will never admit this. I run into this at work using outlook. It works fine for days and then randomly when it goes to auto check for mail it fails and prompts for password. I close the window without changing anything, and there is error message at bottom of outlook window. I simply click "check mail" without changing anything and it goes right thru. I use thunderbird at home on a different account, same thing randmly happens. How is it a "setting" when it just randomly fails yet later works great and nothing on my end has changed? This nonsense has been going on every since they "outsourced" their email to yahoo. When I was using email servers, this never happened. But I was forced to "upgrade" and this nonsense started.


But good luck ever actually talking to someone who can do anything except ask you "it your computer plugged into the wall" type questions. And this is after waiting an hour on hold. These people, where ever they are, can't even tell you if there is an outage of dsl in your area. There are NO email addresses listed anywhere to contact someone with a brain. It's like the people who could actually fix this hide from the public or?


Or maybe they just want to frustrait their users into using another email service so the load on their end is less?

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Re: Internal server error (#IS6532) from

This is still happening with my AT&T Email with Yahoo.  I have neverMan Mad encountered this with Gmail.  I have all three accounts (2 Yahoo and 1 Gmai) in the account list and have checked and rechecked my account setting.  This happens intermittently with Outlook 2007 and I know this is not a client error, but a server error.


It would make sense for AT&T to proxy its AT&T servers to point to Gmail or some other Email system that works as opposed to ridiculously inferior Yahoo! system.  I think it is time for AT&T to terminate its relationship with this dinosaur of a company that seems like it is on its last legs.

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Re: Internal server error (#IS6532) from

For the last few days, I've received this error throughout the day for my account using Thunderbird. If I click  "Get Messages" immediately after the error, it will usally succeed and download email. Sometimes it fails multiple times in row but usually succeeds on the second attempt. It worked fine for a year and a half before this issue. The complete error message is as follows:


Error with account sbcglobal
Sending of password for user ____ did not succeed. Mail server responded: internal server error (#IS6532)

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