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Installing AT&T McAfee Anti-Virus on a second computer


Installing AT&T McAfee Anti-Virus on a second computer



I need assistance in installing McAfee antivirus on my second computer, which I recently purchased. Both my computers are Dells. I have been using the AT&T version of McAfee on my old computer for several years (since I signed up with U-Verse). The second one comes with a trial version of McAfee that will expire soon. I tried to download the free AT&T McAfee antivirus on the new computer, but I could not. When I tried to install McAfee on the second computer, it screwed up my trial version and I had to use McAfee virtual technician to fix the problems created by the failed installation attempt. This failure was probably my fault because the installation program said that I had to check with AT&T to see if I qualify for an installation on a second computer and how to do it, which I am now doing.


So, if I am entitled to a second installation, please provide me with the instructions on how to do it. Thanks.


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Re: Installing AT&T McAfee Anti-Virus on a second computer





Yes, you can install McAfee of your second computer as well. In fact, you can do it on upto four of them.




You can also use the link below to download McAfee and also check the minimum required system specs:


Things to keep in mind:

  1. Uninstall any anti-virus you may have running already (Yes, even if it is a trial version of McAfee that you have already)
  2. You willl have to use either Mozilla or IE 9/10 to initiate the download (You may run into issues if you're using IE11/ Chrome)

Hope this helps. Let me know if this works or if you have any issues. Cheers!

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Re: Installing AT&T McAfee Anti-Virus on a second computer



I have been able to install AT&T McAfee on my second computer. As you suggested, I first removed the trial version of McAfee that came with the computer. I used firefox to download the installation program. What I didn't realize before is that the key to installing is to choose the tab on the right that allows for additional products. In effect, I told the installation program that I was not re-installing on my original computer, but on a new one. You have to make this choice near the beginning of the installation process.

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Re: Installing AT&T McAfee Anti-Virus on a second computer

Great! Glad that's done.
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