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How to set up a used Netgear 7550 Gateway


How to set up a used Netgear 7550 Gateway

Hi - trying to help a friend out whose old 2 wire gateway was having problems.  Since mine recently died, I had already purchased a new gateway from ATT and experienced the problems associated with having old wireless cards that didn't like the newer security keys.  ATT technician changed mine back to WEP and all was good. 


We tried my gateway at her house - to make sure her old gateway was the problem - and it seemed to be.  Mine worked fine at her house.  Bought her a new one, but she had to go out of town unexpectedly and my gateway was trapped at her house. Smiley Happy   Since she wouldn't be back for several days adn I wanted to be able to go online,  I set up her new one at my house.  They were the same so figured it didn't matter.  Had to go through the whole online activation thing again - which I didn't think about at the time. 


Now, a few weeks later, she is experiencing a few issues and when I went into her gateway, I realized it still has all my info in it.  Not hers.  I assume that was done during the online activation process.  Are these gateways actually registered to specific accounts?  and if so how do we change it to her account?  Is there a way to reset it so that it requires another online registration when you try to use it?  


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Re: How to set up a used Netgear 7550 Gateway

Hello, kllaux!


Are you still having trouble re-setting the gateway? If so, send us a message by clicking here, and we will be able to help you.


Just make sure to include your name, phone number, email address, and the best time to reach you. Also, keep an eye on the little blue envelope in the top right corner of your screen for a response.


Let me know if you have any additional questions or concerns!



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