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How to keep the Old version of webmail


How to keep the Old version of webmail

The new version for webmail very hard to use and is a complete disaster. How can I keep the old version of webmail that is working for me and not move to the new broken version. 

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Re: How to keep the Old version of webmail



It looks like after June 10th everyone will be experiencing the new and improved AT&T Yahoo! webmail. I hope that the dislikes of your current Yahoo email will be improved with this latest version. Here is a link which discusses the upcoming new features.


The new AT&T Yahoo! webmail




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Re: How to keep the Old version of webmail

Had tried the new mail format a number of times.

Always switched back to the older version.

Just did not like the new.

With the 'you must use the new version' is a bummer'

How best to describe the new version!

Slow, clunky, clumsy, awkward, backward step for email users, not paying attention to users likes,

and the list could go on.


Looks like the AT&T Yahoo marriage is not going to be the best outcome for users,

Or is some one actually going to act upon and restore the old email version!


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Re: How to keep the Old version of webmail:: how to correct it

There is a new CEO at Yahoo. She is a great plus there and I wish her well.
That said, I do hope that she overlooked the importance of paying attention to Yahoo email users.
Go online, Google it, Bing it, any other search engine it , and you'll find a great dissatisfaction
with the new Yahoo email. Yes, ads are the big thing now to generate revenue.
But what good is that, if the masses in general, are looking for alternatives to Yahoo email!
Yes, big as it is, AT&T, will also take a nose dive, if they ignore the problem that Yahoo poses.
So, AT&T and Yahoo need to sit down and decide on what action is now required to
rectify this serious boo boo, forced on the many serious AT&T and Yahoo users.
Bring back the old version email and also keep the new version, and let the masses voice
their 'choice' by their choice of actions.

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Re: How to keep the Old version of webmail:: how to correct it "You can't keep it"

Well now, how to express my total dislike of the Yahoo new email version!

It is an utter disaster to use. Appears to change in style and what shows each time one makes use of it.

Ads appear in the Contacts list, cutting off the righ portion,  , preventing one doing cleanup.

Doing Search in emails used to be easy.

Now, you get Nothing' found even when the email is still in the 'Inbox'.

One cannot highlight, Copy and Paste like one was able to do in the OLD version.

Does AT & T , or Yahoo , even care about ones frustrations with this new email version!

I doubt that they even read posts like here in the Community, or there would be some heads rolling.


Excuse me , now I need to go puke.

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