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Help Please! At Wit's End With Customer Service!


Help Please! At Wit's End With Customer Service!

Please can someone help!  I have been dealing with AT&T about these billing mistakes since November 2013 and still my problem is not rectified!  It doesn't seem to matter who you talk to, all these random AT&T reps never do what they promise you they will resolve -- but if you want to upgrade or bundle something, they're johnny on the spot!!


I started out with just a landline and the cheapest DSL internet and didn't have any problems whatsoever and I was satisfied with my service until I upgraded my DSL internet to Uverse internet!


My Uverse was installed 10-22-13.  I was billed for my DSL line that I was no longer using from billing cycles (10/26/13 - 11/25/13), (11/26/13 - 12/25/13), (12/26/13 - 1/25/14) which was $28. I managed in January to finally get someone to discontinue it which took two employees on that day who informed me that when you upgrade from DSL to Uverse, its an automatic service discontinuation on the DSL that whoever the tech/rep who initiated my services never did and therefore why I continued to be billed for the DSL internet.  The second employee issued me my discontinuation confirmation number, which I have.  Great!  I was told this would be handled and yada yada yada.


The main issue is this -- because I had had some weird previous issues with At&t, I wasn't about to pay the bill in full and hope they would issue me a credit later and I receive free phone service for a while.  I didn't want to chance paying with hopes of getting my money back and besides, why would I pay for two concurrent internet services when I was only receiving one? 


I realize now that AT&Ts customer service folks cannot comprehend this fact because the last rep I spoke with over in the Land Line Division at 1800-794-8048 on 4/10/14 from 3:48pm - 5pm, whose name is Dollary (something like that, she spoke w/a spanish accent) or Hollary had me on the phone for God only knows how long before she realized that all the charges that AT&T is back-billing me for, I don't owe and was going to allegedly issue me a credit while trying to have me get myself out of this bind of my own making by bundling my services over to Uverse and then I wouldn't have this problem and coincidentally I would save money, because that's what she advises all her customers to do. 


I asked to speak with her supervisor because apparently resolving my issue was not the priority here and she had me on the phone for at least another 30 minutes by trying to tutor me on how to read my bill, that I actually owed all these charges and because I was so mad was misreading my bills and I informed her I don't want to have anything else to do with AT&T and then she goes to get her supervisor who I was on hold for about another 5-10 minutes, whoever her supervisor is, picked up my line and promptly hung up on me.  Probably it was 5:00 and quiting time. Another near two hour long phone call w/ AT&T wasting my time!! 


At least, all the previous multiple random AT&T people were nice & polite folks who simply didn't resolve my problem!  These Land Line people were condescending and incompetent folks out to waste my time.  They are probably worst than those Cancellation people -- but that's another story for another day.  On 4-10-14, thanks to Jackie who was the first employee to inform me that despite everything, it was the Land Line people causing the problem and who need to fix their own mistake and regretfully she had to have me speak with them.  Thanks to Fernando on that day who informed me that because my account has a past due balance, my call is automatically routed to the Payment center in the Land Division Folks and stayed on the line with me until these Billing people got on the line to ensure that I got through because actually he wasn't going to be able to help me.  No thanks to Gaby that day who disconnected my call earlier that day to the grand ol' Land Line division people; no thanks to Dollary who's only focus was to bundle my services to Uverse so that my back charges would be all tidied up and sadly, No Thanks to her Nameless Supervisor who hung on me.  I heard you speaking and then that all too casual, soft, Click! And the infamous dial-tone of Hung Up On.


This forum is my last resort.  If I don't get this matter resolved, I'm filing a complaint with the FCC folks and I'm calling the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio to get them to intervene on my behalf with AT&t.  I am done with calling and speaking to random AT&T customer service reps, I have absolutely had enough.  I want these charges rectified and I want my landline cancelled because the hassle, frustration and stress is too much.  I'll keep my Uverse until AT&T royally angers me about that.


My next charge dispute is the disconnection charge.  My landline was disconnected due to charges I don't owe AT&T and Rudy, who assured me in March that I would no longer have to make all these repeated phone calls to customer service, reconnected the phone, allegedly filed a charge dispute and said he retroactively credited  these charges from January to November.  The only results I got from this was a service reconnection fee and the same problem with more money added without resolution.


I really don't understand the difficulty, its just absolutely ridiculous.  How is it that you can continually call and speak to all these people and the problem is never resolved??  This experience has truly left a bitter taste in my mouth regarding AT&T.  




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Re: Help Please! At Wit's End With Customer Service!

Hello @tenaya 


I'm very sorry for all the issues you're experiencing with AT&T and the amount of frustration they're causing you. We have a team of amazing Social Media Care managers that will be happy to help you. Please send us a private message by clicking here with your name, phone number, account number and the best time you can be reached. You will be contacted within 3 business days.


Please let me know if you have any questions.


Thank you,


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Re: Help Please! At Wit's End With Customer Service!

Thank you!

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