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Having problem with modem and xbox live


Having problem with modem and xbox live

I have a DSL gateway modem/router model 890-755025-15 (westell) and I'm having an insane amount of trouble connecting and staying connected to Xbox Live. It says I need to enable my UPnP settings, and that my NAT type is moderate. If you could please help me, that'd be amazing. I'm also having trouble with my Apple TV, and own a wifi range extender (netgear) thinking that would help the problem with the "dead spot" in my room.

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Re: Having problem with modem and xbox live

Hello @Decarow 


Not all modems will let you change their settings, especially if they're carrier provided or leased, in those cases you'll need a router for advanced features, but you can try this:


    • 1 Click "Start."
    • 2 Select "All Programs" and then "Accessories." Open the program called "Command Prompt."
    • 3 Type "ipconfig" into the Command Prompt text box, and press "Enter." Write down the default gateway it gives you.
    • 4 Open up your Internet browser. Click on the address bar at the top of the window, and type in the default gateway. Press "Enter."
    • 5 Type in your user name and password for your Westell router. If you have not changed the user name and password, they will both most likely be "admin."
    • 6 Click on the Advanced tab at the top of the window, and locate "Enable UPnP" from the list of options. Tick the box next to it to enable UPnP. Click "Apply" to complete the process



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