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Getting DSL

I have been an Bellsouth/ATT customer for almost 11 years now. I have been trying to get dsl where I live for the past 4 years now. I have called, I have did the check avaliablity ect...  I keep getting told to keep checking you are always adding new locations. Well I think its pathetic that a loyal customer of 11 years gets this kind of treatment. I would understand if Dsl was a new thing but it's not a new techonology its been around for many years now. People can get cell phones with intenet on them anywhere. Heck my cell phone can get internet at my house but I can NOT get dsl.   


I would love to be able to email my complaint but see there is no way to do that anymore. You think like a big company like ATT you can get something done. I had a complaint with HP awhile back and wow i was able to email the CEO.  I would like to EMAIL the CEO of ATT how can I do that. I am tired of the same b. s line i  get time and time again when I call the customer service department.  Plus I put in a request to tech dept over a month ago and still no answer from att. I just get the email that they received it and someone will get back to me in 48 hours. Does ATT care or not care about their customers?  ATT should take care of their exisiting customers instead of just focusing on getting new customers. 

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Re: Getting DSL

I couldn't agree more, we have been at our home for 11 years. I have been calling every few months to see if its available and they always say its close but not yet. I even receive mailers from AT&T telling me we now have service, but when I call its the same story. There are several homes on my street that would also love the service. I don't understand how in 2013 my only option is air card or dial up.
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