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Frequently changing IP


Frequently changing IP


I've had basic DSL through AT&T many years now and although it was never fast, I had no _major_ complaints.


But lately I've noticed that my IP has been changing frequently. It used to change on me about once a week or so. Those days are gone. I wrote a script to track the changes and my IP changes anywhere from 3-10 times a day now. For example, it changed 8 times Sunday and 7 times on Saturday. From my logs these changes happen sporadically throughout the day and night. Rebooting my DSL modem has not made a difference.


Is AT&T trying to get me to abandon DSL for Uverse? What's going on here?

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Re: Frequently changing IP

Since nobody seems to have a quick answer for my situation, let me get a feel for typical IP changing behavior. If you have DSL internet, how often do people experience their IP changing?


I've heard of others (with a cable provider) where it might only change once a year.

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