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Free says Email inactive


Free says Email inactive

I've had this same email address for years. I logged in it one day, the next day when I attempted to log in it wouldn't accpet my email address and password. Clicked on forgot password, followed those steps and was advised that my email account is inactive. I have yet to find any links that assist with dealing with an inactive account nor a phone number & the chat agents can't assit. I even attenpted to set up a new email account & getting a message that the feature is unavailable. Not sure what to do. I have emails I need to retrieve. Followed steps from a previous forum to send a private message. It's been well over 48 hours & still nothing. Help Please !

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Re: Free says Email inactive

I just received a solution to resolving this issue. You specifically have to log into your primary email account to manage your sub account. Instead of logging into your primary email from the yahoo home page, it'll only work if you log in from Once you log in clock on the manage sub account link and if disabled is checked, you would need to change it to enable account. At this point< you would just need to reset your password.

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