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Fix the e-mail navigation.

Fix the e-mail navigation.

In the bar at the top of an e-mail there used to be a set of up/down arrows for navigation to the next/previous e-mail.  They were located right next to the "actions" button.  It was a beautifully simple concept for navigation.  Up is up and down is down in the list of e-mails.  Simple.  Intuititive.  And it worked first time, every time, just like a BIC pen.


Now you have changed it.  And there are a couple of problems with your changes.


The first problem is that the left-right arrows for navigation are down in the text of the message and they actually COVER UP some of the text.  This is not good.  Instead of being able to just read your e-mail message, now you have to scroll up and down to be able to see the text behind the arrows.  And if your e-mail message is short enough that there is no vertical scroll bar, you just have to guess at what's behind the arrows.  I don't know whose idea this was, but it isn't a good one.  Navigation arrows should NOT cover the text of the e-mail.


The second problem is that they don't work right.  I hovered over one of the arrows and the popup tool tip said "next message".  I clicked on it, expecting to see the message that came in AFTER the one I was looking at.  After all, that's what "next" means.  What I got was the message that came in yesterday.  Yesterday is not next.  Yesterday is previous.  It's been that way for years in the internet world.  Heck, it's even that way in the real world!  Yesterday is previous.  Tomorrow is next.


The truth of the matter is that I don't much care whether navigation is done with up/down arrows or left/right arrows or words or icons or pieces of cake.  But it shouldn't cover the text of the e-mail itself and it should work right.


So fix it.

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Re: Fix the e-mail navigation.

Hello, ParishAdmin!


Thank you for your feedback. We always appreciate constructive comments from our customers. I will be forwarding your post to the appropriate channel, so if you think of anything you would like to add, please let me know!


Otherwise, feel free to message me with any questions or concerns. Thanks!



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