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Export or Retrieve Sent Web Mail


Export or Retrieve Sent Web Mail

I have been using ATT Web Mail for many years. In that time, I have accumulated a bunch of mail in my Sent mailbox. I would like to export or back up that mail to make sure I never lose it...I mean, if I somehow lost 10 years worth of email conversations, I'd be hurting, so I need to export, back up, or download that sent mail somehow.  It is easy to back up my incoming web mail (by clicking "Receive Mail" on my computer's email client) but I don't see any way to retrieve the sent mail. Any suggestions?

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Re: Export or Retrieve Sent Web Mail

Follow up --- I figured out a work-around.  Still not a real solution, but it works. 


On the 'Sent' mail screen in Web Mail, put check marks in the mail you want to retrieve.  Then press keyboard keys "D" and "0" (that's a zero).  Doing this moves the check marked mail over to your Web Mail inbox.  Now when I hit "receive mail' on my home email client, it retrieves all of those emails I just put in my Inbox.  All I have to do then is move them from my email client's inbox to their proper backup folder. 


It sucks not to be able to just retrieve my sent mail in one step, but at least I do have access to it this way.


Hope somebody has a more elegant solution.


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