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Email ad and spam support


Email ad and spam support

When I signed up for the paid internet, (I pay for the sevice) I was told the silly advertisements would go away. They haven't.

I also notice that when there is an advertiser on the email and I block it, the spam comes back and will not block.

I use my own internet, and have a firewall but it doesn't stop the spam from ATT@T advertisers. I have about 100 items a day and it is getting so I am going to stop the service. Funny thing though, when I use the free account I rarely get any spam.


Any ideas??

PS this took 20 times selecting a board until it went.

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Re: Email ad and spam support

I wholeheartedly agree! I'm paying money every month ...why do I see ads?

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Re: Email ad and spam support

Email ads are very annoying especially considering how much I pay for my combined email and phone through ATT.  Stop spamming my mailbox with this garbage.

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