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Duplicate emails in inbox


Duplicate emails in inbox

I receive duplicate (two) emails for every message sent to my SBC email address. I use Outlook 2007 on three PC's an iPad and iPhone all the devices receive duplicate messages. Any ideas where the settings are off?


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Re: Duplicate emails in inbox

We apologize for the inconvenience caused and would be glad to fix the issue for you.
One of the reasons for the issue could be that there is a duplicate account set up for the same e-mail address in the Outlook. If yes, please delete the duplicate account.
Open Outlook. Click on the Tools menu. Click on Account Settings.
The accounts which are set up would be listed in the Account Settings window.
Please select the duplicate account and click on Remove button.
If you are using an e-mail program in the iPad or iPhone, please check for the duplicate accounts.

For further assistance, please contact chat support from the web link provided below.


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Re: Duplicate emails in inbox

There are no duplicate accounts set up on any of my devices.


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Re: Duplicate emails in inbox

This problem has been happening to me for over a week now.  I called tech support and they told me it was my settings in Outlook.  Funny, I've been using the same settings on the same email account in Outlook for over 6 years now and have never had this problem.  I haven't changed anything. 


I've been an IT manager for almost 30 years and I don't need some entry level tech telling me my settings are wrong when I know they are right.  I tried to tell him it is a problem on AT&T's end with the email servers but all he wanted to do was connect to my computer and look at my settings.  Unless you did something on your servers that would require that I change my settings then there is nothing wrong with my settings. 


I first noticed the problem when I went to check email and found over 600 new email messages in my Outlook inbox.  All of them are old email that I've already read.  They appear to be email that is still sitting in my inbox on the server (verified through webmail).  I have the pop settings in Outlook to leave a copy of the message on the server for 7 days before automatically deleting them.  These duplicates were duplicates of duplicates of all the messages in my inbox from the last 7 days.  To work around the problem I changed settings in Outlook to only keep a copy on the server for one day and or delete them when I empty the deleted items folder.  That slowed the problem down, but I was still getting an occaisional duplicate email because I didn't empty my deleted items folder and or it had not been a full day yet. 


Next I tried unchecking the leave a copy on the server check box so it would remove it from the server when Outlook retrieved it.  That seems to have worked but now I don't get email to my cell phone because my desktop Outlook retrieves it then deletes it first, so this is not a viable solution.  I don't think a Microsoft update has caused the issue for two reasons.....1. I haven't installed updates for a few weeks, 2.  There would be all kinds of new problems about this occurring on the Internet with other users besides ATT users.  This leads me to believe that it is a problem with AT&T's smtp service or a problem with a server in the cluster of email servers. 


Someone please look into this and fix the problem instead of trying to look at my perfectly good settings.  If my suggestion proves to be helpful in fixing your problem please take the time to send me a check in the amount of $150 for my consulting fees.

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Re: Duplicate emails in inbox

I have had this same issue occur on 5 different occasions dumping in anywhere from 50-700 duplicate emails.  I also set to delete on server after 7 days.  Happened again today, so frustrating.  I even had my IT consultant come out twice (spending money).  His suggestion - change carriers.  I am at that point, I do not appreciate the techs offering pacifier answers.  Fix the Problem.

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Re: Duplicate emails in inbox

I ensured that I have my account setup correctly and sometimes I get all the messages with the duplicates; but when I don't, I get an internal error from the POP3 server that states the following message was sent from the server " -ERR[SYS/TEMP] problem retrieving message ". Not really sure exactly what that means; however, I can tell it is not an issue on the client (or user's) side of the problem since it states the POP3 Server was having problems with retrieving the message to send to the client (the user).

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