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DSL without home phone - incorrect information


DSL without home phone - incorrect information

A few months ago I became aware that AT&T was offering DSL without home phone service.  I have AT&T DSL and local phone service and have for years.  I only have phone service because it was required to get DSL.  I do not have a phone in my house, the modem is the ONLY thing connected to a phone jack.  When I learned I could get DSL without phone service I called to cancel my phone service.  The gentleman on the other line informed me that I COULD do this, however it would result in me paying more per month than I would if I kept the phone service.  This did not make sense to me, but he assured me I was better off keeping phone service even if I didn't use it. 

So, this month I notice I have a service rate increase and my monthly bill has gone up.  So I call to inquire, and after being told about the rate increase I again ask about the DSL without phone service.  This time the lady tells me, YES you can disconnect your phone service without affecting your DSL, and guess what... it will practically cut my bill in half.  She said she'd transfer me to someone who could discontinue my phone service, and I was put on hold for about 45 minutes.  I gave up cause my lunch hour was up...

Basically, I could have cancelled my phone service months ago and saved quite a bit over the past few months!  Anyone else experience this?  Seems like I was given false information to keep me from canceling a service I truly did not need.  Any advice?

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Re: DSL without home phone - incorrect information

Wow, the shadiness and the dishonesty of this company is getting worse and worse. If you read the other posts on here you can see that there are so many unsatisfied angry customers. I honestly believe that this company doesn't care about customer service. It's all about the all mighty dollor. My advice would be to demand a credit for the months you paid in full because of false information given to you by AT&T support. If they refuse then don't pay and file a complaint to the FCC. After that cancel service.

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Re: DSL without home phone - incorrect information

Either these employees don't know how to do their job or doing exactly what ATT wants them to do - i.e., be dishonest or confuse customers. After talking to various service reps and made sure that I can indeed get just DSL (or Naked DSL, Dry DSL Loop, etc.), I was ready to place the order and then ATT did the complete turnaround. First she said I can't get just DSL then she said she would charge $57/- for the technician to come and take a look and then she needs to do a credit check (and forget about the fact that I have been ATT customer for more than 10 years!). I told her none of these makes sense and that I wanted to talk to the supervisor and that is when it got even more interesting. The supervisor says there are no more ports available in the area so they can't give just DSL! I told her I already have DSL with a phone line and I want just DSL and can't see the need for more ports. She then goes on to tell me that there are people in my neighborhood waiting to get DSL so I can't have just DSL! ATT thinks they know the neighborhood better than the people in that neighborhood! When I placed the order to disconnect DSL anyway, now they tell me I can get just DSL! I can't believe them anymore!

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Re: DSL without home phone - incorrect information

Exactly! I agree with the other posters! Seems like a pattern....

I was also told awhile ago that I couldn't have DSL without also having a home phone service. So i too have been paying for that darn home phone without using it...! Go figure, right? And i was paying for a regular priced plan, nothing lower either. It wasn't possible... until a couple of years later, when a nice representative told me it was possible to choose a lower plan, and thus save on my monthly bill....! WHat?? I can??!  That "nice" guy helped me save at least $20/month.

And now, when i read that "DSL without Home Phone Service" indeed is possible... i call their customer service phone number, and get placed on hold.... which i expect.


WHen a lady FINALLY  answers, i tell her i want to cancel my home phone service... and she hurriedly connects me to someone else without even finish listening to what i wanted! How rude. She hung up on me, basically. And, or course she connected me to an answering machine! Argh!  The answeing machine tells me to go online. WHich i did.

The representative online that i just chatted with said that i cannot cancel my service online, but i need to do that with a phone call. I said that i had tried that but with no luck. He said I have to wait until Tuesday morning (after Memorial Day) since their offices are closed.

But, I told him i want to keep my current DSL line and only cancel my home phone service.

No can do. He can only ADD services to my account; not cancel any services.

Wow, that is GREAT custimer service!

How convenient for AT&T.


And, he added, i won't qualify for their promo pricing for "DSL without Home Phone" since i am a current customer. That price is reserved only for *new customers*.  Ok.

That is convenient, too... hahah!


WHy should current cutomers stay with AT&T?

For their honest pricing? For their shady customer service? For being hanged up upon while calling customer service? For being priced HIGHER than newer customers?


I see no reason why i should stay!

Last week I moved my wireless service from AT&T (iPhone) to Boost Mobile. I really didnt want to, since i loved having the iPhone, but AT&T over-charges for everything. And they don't inform current customers about new lower-priced service plans. Their iPhone data plans now apparently come in different price levels, which i never knew of. I've had the highest one for years... and they never told me they had changed the prices.

How convenient!


And it always seems to go like this! New lower prices come along, but current customers get stuck with old prices. And we cannot downgrade or change plans to get the new lower prices; because we don't qualify!

Argghh. I am so upset. How can this be allowed?


And, don't even get me started on the sucky AT&T website. It sucks, too!

 I cannot log in. There are three different log-in options, U-Verse, Wireless or Home Phone/Internet. And God knows which one i am supposed to use, since i have bundled services. I register, and get a password, but i cannot use that one for all services.

Sometimes it works, especially when wanting to pay my phone bill.. Then it is sooo easy, hahah

So, other times, i try logging in and get connected, but once i click on a link to do something or read something else than my bill - i need to log-in again... and again...!


How can this be?

AT&T is a "world-leading" communications company, but their technology/customer service online sucks. Via phone, too.

Sorry for my long rant! It is just sooo frustrating!!  I cannot even find the words!


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Re: DSL without home phone - incorrect information

I recently ordered DSL without home phone. At the time of order, I had confirmation

- Monthly change: $19.95

- Internet moderm: $75.00

- NO Installation required.


At the same I received my first bill:

- Monthly change: $43.00

- Internet moderm: $100.00

- Installation charge: $169.00


What on earth can this be possible? Only when AT&T is trying to rip off consumers.


[Per Guidelines:  Keep it Relevant and Appropriate].


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Re: DSL without home phone - incorrect information

HI. I noticed this post was written a while back. do you believe it is still the same? I'm curious as I am trying to help my sister get a better internet connection than our local guy.... can you give me any updated info as of 2013 march? Any help or advice would be wonderful and thank you!

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Re: DSL without home phone - incorrect information

WOW!!! You told my story. During the last year, I called three times AT&T to get info. about having Naked DSL, and every time I get a different story with a different price. Just a few minutes ago, I finished talking with a rep from AT&T who told me that they don't use DSL anymore (which I now have), and I have to go with U-Verse internet. The cost?

$39.95 a month 

$49.00 activation fee (just to push a button)

$100.00 for a fiber optic modem.

I then told him that in 2007 the FCC told AT&T that had to offer the Naked DSL, he got annoyed with me and told me that AT&T doesn't use DSL any more. Period! I am thinking of shutting off the land line and the internet all together, but would I be cutting my nose to spite my face??? I know a thing for sure, I'll be spending the next couple of days checking alternatives to AT&T.


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Re: DSL without home phone - incorrect information

I have had DSL service with AT&T since 2002, but dropped my home phone in 2009 and went with Stand alone DSL service.  They did charge me an extra $5.00 per month (for absolutely nothing), but it is available and doable.  You simply run your phone line from the phone box outside (usually on the side of your home or in a basement) directly to the modem without a filter. You will receive a new telephone number (10 digits like all the others) but it is for I'net only and is used as your account number the same way your home service did.  As far as the modem, it was supplied to me.  Anytime you feel like you are getting the run around from any utility service, simply tell them if they cannot accommodate you that you have no other option than to call the PSC (Public Service Commission).  Every state has them and in some states they are known as the PUC (Public Utilities Commission).  The utilities are regulated by the commissions and trust me, the very last thing they want is negativity on themselves directed to the PSC/PUC.  They tend to change their attitude quickly at the mention of contacting the PSC.  Additionally, the PSC is on your side and are there to help the consumer.  You tell them your side of the issue, they send your complaint to the utility and the utility has a brief time to respond and/or rectify the situation. (I was the Liaison with the PSC/PUC.)  Don't let Ma Bell push you around and lastly, make sure you take names dates and a brief synopsis of your conversation as you will be glad you have the info later on.

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Re: DSL without home phone - incorrect information

That's an excellent answer. AT&T has a corporate culture where employees are required to be a deceptive and abusive to the customer as possible. The moment you believe that you are getting the run-around, get the name and employee number of the individual and offer to go to the authorities. I found that my customer service from AT&T improved dramatically after I complained to the FCC about their deceptive practices. You can do that by visiting this web page:

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Re: DSL without home phone - incorrect information

I am giving you a standing ovation.  


Everything you say I've expereicned as well.  ATT SUCKS.  If EVER a company were to come along and figure out that the key to MAKING THE MOST MONEY IN THE LONG HAUL is to TREAT EXISTING CUSTOMERS WITH RESPECT they would win over every person in the US with a cell phone and a computer.


THINK OF IT.  If EVER I could get dependable service and equitable pricing, I WOULD NEVER CHANGE CARRIERS AGAIN, and wouldn't even mind moderate price increases to keep it that way.

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