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DSL speed question


DSL speed question

I've had AT&T DSL for many years.  I have the "Elite" package, which is 6.0 Mbps.


I realize that I won't get 6.0 Mbps, but that I should be getting something greater than my current speed.


I recently switched over to a dry loop, which I thought would really increase my speed.  Instead, it has dropped to around 1.50-2.25 Mbps, as measured at speedtest.net.  An AT&T Technician came to my house and checked all of my connections and said it was all OK and that I was getting 6.0 Mbps at the jack where my modem is located.


I'm using an Actiontec GT784WN modem/router.  I've played with multiple settings, and I can't get more than 1.50-2.25 Mbps.  And, yes, I've done all of this with a computer hooked diretly with ethernet, which doesn't make any difference.  I get the same speed with ethernet or with wireless.  I get the slow speeds at all times of the day.  I've even tried disconnecting everything but the wired computer, and I still get the slow speeds.


Put very simply, I've tried all of the obvious stuff.


Prior to switching to the dry loop, I was getting something more reasonable, like 3.50-4.50 Mbps.


I regularly reboot my modem, trying to increase the speed to no avail.


I'm really getting frustrated with this.  Can someone help me get up to reasonable speeds?


I would think about getting a new modem/router, but I was getting decent speed before switching to the dry loop with this modem.

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Re: DSL speed question

Hello @hufhouse 


I'm sorry you're having some problems with your Internet speeds. Our team will be happy to look into this issue and help you with anything we can. Please send us a private message by clicking here, please include your name, phone number, account number and the best time you can be reached.


Thank you,


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Re: DSL speed question


I just sent a message. Thanks!
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