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DSL security issue involving landline and computer


DSL security issue involving landline and computer

     The following is my issue. And if any repliers don't know or are unsure of the answer, could you steer me in the necessary direction where the solution could be found.
         If my home computer has been compromised by spyware, malware or a virus over its internet connection- as evidenced by repeated captcha requests from google search to evaluate whether a bot is coming from my home computer's network, is my landline phone which shares my home computer's DSL connection also possibly compromised? Would it be foolish to pay bills over the landline with my credit card either by voicing the number or punching in its digits on the phone's keypad when some malevolent software has passed or is passing to and fro across my DSL connection? I understand that some spyware can actually track your keystrokes on the keypad of your computer. Can it track your voice signals and pushed buttons of your landline as well? If I use one of the remote scanning services provided by Norton, MacAfee, etc. that identify and remove these technical malignancies on my home computer's internet connection and on my computer, will this also remove the potential problem on the landline? Or are the security systems of, breaches of and resolutions for both these systems- landline and internet- separate and distinct from one another even when they share the same DSL connection? I've heard of phishing occurring on both computer networks and landline phones. Does phishing occur on both at once? If I erase my hard drive and reinstall the operating system and applications, will this take care of the one definite computer problem and the one potential landline problem? I'd appreciate your thoughts.
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Re: DSL security issue involving landline and computer

Hey, Alex1969!


I just wanted to let you know that I've replied to the private message you sent me about this same issue.


Let me know if you have any questions or concerns!



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