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DSL not available for my area..... but I had it for a year already


DSL not available for my area..... but I had it for a year already

I am an Att wireless customer of 4 smart phones for 6 years and a home/DSL customer for 1 year. I had great service until March 21,2014 I had the bright idea that I no longer needed my home phone. I called customer service and was told it was not a problem they would just disconnect the home phone and my DSL would remain unaffected. I went home that day to no phone or dsl I called that day to tech support and was informed my DSL was disconnected with my landline but I had to call back during regualar business hours and would need to reorder. I called the next day and was told DSL was not avialable for my area yet. I told them I have had it for a year. They said nope its never been avialble for my address. Hung up called back next person said the DSL slots for my area were all filled up I would have to wait for one to open. Transfered to another department who told me DSL is no longer being sold so I can not reorder it. I was told I had to turn my phone back on in order for someone to help me I did and still nothing but a bill for home phone service for $34.

 4 people escalated help tickets to have my dsl restored and would call me back and sadly not one has. I recieved a text saying my internet would work on one day by 8pm and sadly it didnt. I have talked to billing, customer care, tech support, loyalty program etc almost everyday and still nobody can help me. Has anyone ever encounterd an issue like this that doesnt seem to have a resolution?

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Re: DSL not available for my area..... but I had it for a year already

Hello pedro.lucio,


I'm sorry to hear about the issue you're having with your service, I see that you're already working with our Social Media care team, please let me know if you need help with anything else on here.


Thank you,


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