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DSL internet speed is too often dependent upon resetting of modem: please help!


DSL internet speed is too often dependent upon resetting of modem: please help!



I am using a ATT 3360 (black) DSL modem. All of the wiring is new & untouched since I had my home built 2.5 years ago. For the first 2 years I had flawless service. Recently I have encountered many issues with either slow speeds or complete loss of service that have required numberous tech support calls & even the running of a new line. The new line was buried in my backyard approx. 3 weeks ago without any issues.


However, beginning yesterday I noticed again continuous slowing of my DSL speed (running speedtests as well). After resetting my DSL modem, my speeds returned to normal. However, only a few hours later I noticed my speed slowing once again...a quick modem reset once agan fixed this issue.


Why does this continue to happen? Any ideas / suggestions? Thank you!!!!

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Re: DSL internet speed is too often dependent upon resetting of modem: please help!

I am also experiencing huge degradation in speed and it started on the 20th - 2 days ago.  I pay for the service which has 6 Mbs speed (theoretical) and actually obtained 5 Mbs consistently for a long time - about 3 years.  So this is a very recent change and may be due to something AT&T is doing to the network. During that time, I did have some total loss of signal at times, but it lasted only a minute or two and re-established itself with no action on my part.  And, I would usually not power on/off for a couple of months or more.  And this did not seem to affect my speed. In some modems, a frequent reset helps because there are bugs in the software inside (memory leaks, space used up etc.) The reset clears the issue, essentially a work-around for the bug.


Yesterday, after long chats with several agents, one said she "repaired" my line and refreshed my account - and (voila) my speed was back to 5 Mbs instantly.  Now, 24 hours later, it is worse than ever and I can't get even 2 Mbs. So even their "fixes" are unreliable.  I could not get an explanation of what was "fixed" but I suspect it had something to do with routing.  Certain routes will get more traffic than others and I think they must do "rebalancing" when they get enough complaints.  So, possibly, when this sort of thing happens, it means they have have a new user on a route that is hogging all the bandwidth.  This is totally my own idea and I have limited knowledge of what is going on.  But it makes sense to me.

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Re: DSL internet speed is too often dependent upon resetting of modem: please help!

When this happens to me, a modem reset does not help. I think a modem reset is needed when the modem loses synchronization with the DSL signal on the line.  Not sure of details, but when the line is in sync, the packets traveling over the line contain mostly the data you want.  When the line gets out of sync, it must re-establish sync and, if it has a problem doing that, then nothing useful is happening (as far as you are concerned) for that period of time. 


Synchronous communication, when established and maintained, is faster than asychronized communication.


Strictly a guess, but when AT&T (or another network provider) says they do not "support" a modem, what they mean is that the modem does not reliably sync with their signal. It could also mean that their support team, which naturally cannot be expected to know everything about all modems, is supplied with a list of modems which AT&T "prefers."  This does not mean that non supported modems will not work but it does mean that you have to prove to them (somehow) that something else is the problem. 

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