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DSL and customer service both suck!


DSL and customer service both suck!

For the last few months my dsl is getting slower and slower. Now you can't even test speeds because its not working on Att's site. I've tried to call and always get an automated responce or like right now there is no one there period. So I've decided to downgrade since I'm getting a lot slower speed then I'm paying for. Not sure if that even worked because if you use the site to "change" services it takes you to a new service screen no option just to click and change what you already have. The customer service or lack there of and unfriendly web site is really going down hill. I've had service with bellsouth, now att for almost 30 years now and now shopping for a new service provider. And Its not my pc its fast and less then a year old.

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Re: DSL and customer service both suck!



     I'm sorry to hear that your DSL is getting slower and slower.The first link I have provided is a way to troubleshoot your DSL.


Troubleshoot slow speeds


     This second link is to contact our ATTCustomer care team if the above link didn't help. Please include your name, email address, phone number and the best time to be contacted, please also allow up to 48 hrs for a team member to contact you.


Private Message




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Re: DSL and customer service both suck!

Really???? Just admit it.....ATT DSL sucks. I have called customer service weekly for several months....was told a different lie every time. The even tried to seel me uverse twice....(it's not even avaliable).

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