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DSL Speed Reduction and outage.


DSL Speed Reduction and outage.

Until recently my DSL High Speed internet has been fast and reliable. About 4 months ago we noticed frequent outages and noticeable decrease in speed. I have contacted ATT several times requesting support. I am alwasy referred to speed test. The ping is always very slow. The chat rep will tell me it is slow. Then I keep getting the same canned answer. "The speed you are getting is within acceptable ranges for the service level."  I have the DSL Ultra, the fastest thing oputside of Uverse (which is not available.


Did some looking around and found what appears to be a power surge burn in the exterior wall mounted Att equipment box mounted to my home. Wouldthis cause the slow speeds and constant outages?

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Re: DSL Speed Reduction and outage.

Well I guess nobody knows. I am going to cancel my ATT DSL and get something that is realiable. No use paying for high speed internet and only getting very slow internet with multiple downtimes.

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