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DSL Service Not Available In My Area


Re: 2Rural4DSL - What year is this?? Still No DSL Service Available.

AMEN!!! I am glad someone else shares my pain. I was told two years ago that "All AT&T customers would have DSL service by January 2008." Well it almost 2010 and NOTHING! 2-3 miles up the road from me in each direction has DSL and I even had a CSR tell me once that the lines were in my area but a port had not been opened up. I have cut off ALL AT&T services that I once had due to my dissatisfaction. I have tried the satellite services and they are fast but the signal is unreliable. I get the regular mailings too offering all these services if I restore my home phone service and advertising the DSL deals that are offered.........but I can't get them. How about use all that money they are saving out sourcing their tech help to Bangladesh, or wherever it is, to open up that 3 miles of service to many potential customers.
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Re: 2Rural4DSL - What year is this?? Still No DSL Service Available.

i know how you feel. my neighbors about not even 500yrds away have dsl but i dont ive been waiting 8 years for dsl still no service. they need to step it up.
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Re: DSL Service Not Available In My Area

I have several people in my subv. that have at&t DSL. they tell me that they didnt run enough lines and don't know when they will.. that has been 5 years
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Re: DSL Service Not Available In My Area

Hi David, I feel your pain. I have called every number on all these stupid sites and no one can help me. They opened a box for 1 busienss, the only business in our area, just up the road from me. I am closer to the box than the business is. I called att and they say that it is not available in my area. I know someone who is a field tech and I asked him about it. he says that I am even on the same slick as this business and that it would be no problem for me to get the service. It seems like poor business move to support 1 business when you have humdreds of residental customers who can be using the service and have been waiting for years. What do you have to do to get some answers from this company? I am beyond mad. to the point that I don't really need a home phone because I have a cell through Verizon and I am ready to cancel the home service also. AHHHHH
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Re: 2Rural4DSL - What year is this?? Still No DSL Service Available.

i live at zip 29180 & get flyers advertising at&t dsl in my area & on the site it even says that i have from the basic DSL all the way to 6.0 Mbps & STILL have nothing available cuz i called & asked & they said it wasnt available. also, they gave a number to another place to see if there was any dsl services offered here & THEY said AT&T covers this area...but NOTING! the main reason i want dsl is so i can play online (PS3) and thats not exactly what dial-up or satellite internet are designed for...or even mobile broadband (except maybe verizon, but it would cost $400.00 per line through their wireless, so thats out). ive also tried both dial-up & satellite & neither are even close to good enough for what i want theres also a company called TruVista that offers dsl service to residential areas less than a mile down the road but absolutely NOTHING here... is it possible that maybe AT&T is expanding here or something? cuz a couple months ago, i saw no offers at all from AT&T & now i see them on 3rd party sites & even on their own...
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Re: 2Rural4DSL - What year is this?? Still No DSL Service Available.

Occasionally I keep checking for DSL in my area, still nothing. These complaints are so typical of 'big business'. Someone somewhere obviously must be making a decision to roll out additional services to an area but that person seems so far disconnected with what the needs are that they are clearly not making the best decisions. I'd like to challenge that someone (that being an AT&T employee) figure out how the customer (that be us in case your wondering) can put in a request that will actually be answered by the person that makes the decision on who gets DSL and who doesn't. Clearly thats not happening now since most of these complaints listed here seem to be by folks who have gone out of their way to investigate where DSL service is/isn't and need a valid answer as to why the service/equipment isn't being deployed to the areas that need it. It is really sad that all these people are willing to pay the extra money for these services and AT&T still doesn't respond to the requests. I estimate in about a month we will be switched to Verizon Wireless broadband and do away completely with our worthless AT&T phone line.
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Re: 2Rural4DSL - What year is this?? Still No DSL Service Available.

Now ATT has gone from not only not providing DSL, but to actively disconnecting DSL. The email migration will disconnect your ATT DSL service if you are in New Jersey, and probably anywhere in northeast.

ATT forced me to go find a different supplier for DSL service, without any notice, without sending even a simple email. I spent at least six hours on the phone with twelve different (uninformed) ATT customer reps, before getting told, I MISSED THE CUT OFF DATE! A date I was never informed about, until it was too late. What a great customer relations tactic!!!!.

In my opinion (as an ex-customer), don't bother trying to get ATT DSL service in your area, you won't be happy in the long run.

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Re: 2Rural4DSL - What year is this?? Still No DSL Service Available.

I am late to this but i found this while i was searching for hispeed internet on google, I am a AT&T customer (landline & cell) but unhappy about not being able to get the internet I'm at zip 35130 and it's on the road i'm on and stop's about an eighth of a mile from my house, I call customer service and they really don't care one women even told me they have no plan's to ever advance futher than they are now on the road, and another lady said hopfuly everyone will have it offered to them ONE DAY, but the tone she had was like your out of luck. I ame ready to drop landline & cell coverage if someone else comes along, Ihave tried Rodrunner cable, they referred me back to charter, I have tried comcast, they referred me to charter, i tried charter they sais i am 2300 feet from the line and have no plans to came futher. My only options seems to be Wildblue or hughesnet or verizon usb aircard    

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Re: DSL Service

We have been checking every 6 months for the past 8 years and they have DSL a mile down both ways from us but won't bring it to us Smiley Sad

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Re: DSL Service

they told me it wouldn't do any good to try that, has anyone had success with it?

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Re: DSL all around, but not here

I would love to have the answer to that one Smiley Sad

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Re: Trying to get DSL Internet Services.

wow! here we are 2013 and I still can't get it, my friend lives a mile down the road and they have it

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Re: DSL Service Not Available In My Area

Thank you Rocky S. (AT&T) for checking on Sub Station at King Road and State Road 47 South in Lake City, FL.


We understand DSL is not in that Sub Station at this time, but we will continue to request it.


This would be a great benefit to customers in the area and I'm sure it would provide ample Return on Investment for AT&T.

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