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DSL Service Not Available In My Area


DSL Service Not Available In My Area

I have been waiting for any type of high speed service in my area. There is dsl currently 5 miles down the road from me. I would like to know an ETA for this service, as the contact information page to inform me of this service status is broken. I can guarantee that at least 10 people would be signing up for dsl service around my location if this would finally be provided for my area. ETA please. Thank you. David

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Re: DSL Service

hi david!


have you tried to check the dsl availability in your area at the website? try to go to and then click on INTERNET AND DSL tab on top. enter your phone number.


if it still says that it's not available, usually it takes them 3 or 6 months to be available, or even a year. that's the answer i got from one of their sales agent when asked the same question before.


try calling the att sales dept. for more information.

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Re: DSL Service

hi david!


I doubt it if AT&T rep. would be able to give you an ETA regarding the possiblity of dsl service in your area. It would be better if you write a letter to AT&T management and request it to them. You can let those 10 people to sign up, you can include their full names, complete addresses, and contact info for assurance that they will be ordering also the dsl service. AT&T might set up a DSL direct for your area. :smileyhappy:

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DSL all around, but not here

DSL is offered two miles to the south of me and five miles to the north. We were told three years ago it would be offered in our area in a year. We were told to keep checking and that would show some interest. We were calling every week for a long while, and keep being told different things. Some representatives say in a year, some say it's on the way, and a couple have been honest and said it's not on the drawing board because there is not enough interest. I do not believe there is not enough interest, but I do believe AT&T is not being honest with us. I have had phone service continually since 1959. WHY CAN WE NOT GET DSL?
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When Will DSL Be Available To Me?

There has been quite a bit of work going on at the sub-station across the road from my house. Second-hand information from an AT&T employee says that DSL capability is being added to that sub-station. Is there any office within AT&T that I can contact to find out when/if DSL is about to be available in my area? Surely there is a planning office somewhere that has a schedule of areas soon to be coming on line...??? Thanks to anyone that can provide helpful info.
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Re: When Will DSL Be Available To Me?

I would also like to know who to contact to get some reliable info on getting DSL available in my area as well. I would bet that AT&T will not release this info though. Maybe they will prove me wrong....?? Calling AT&T has proved a waste of time. I have been told by AT&T rep that DSL is not available AND that it is available, but that there are no open slots. I've also been told by an AT&T service tech that there is no DSLAM in the equipment that serves our home. So, I have no idea what to believe. I have done some checking using neighbors phone numbers and DSL shows available for houses within 1/2 mile of our house, but all the houses around us show as not available. We moved 8 miles closer to the city last year and are on the edge of the city limit and cannot get DSL. BUT we had DSL at our previous home out in the sticks!
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Trying to get DSL Internet Services.

My family has been trying to get AT&T DSL services for many years. Currently, we have AT&T Dial-up, and we have tried to contact AT&T Customer Service about upgrading the Phone Box at the end of our road so that we would be allowed to get DSL, but they never seem to understand what we want. We have also talked to an AT&T service tech about upgrading the Phone Box, and he said it would be simple, and that he didn't know why we wouldn't be able to receive it since an even more rural area than where we live got access to DSL. He wrote down our address and phone number, and turned it in, and we were called by AT&T, and they acted as if they didn't know what we were talking about either. We were customers of Bellsouth before AT&T merged with them, and they said that eventually everyone in our county would be able to get DSL, and AT&T said that everyone in our county would be able to get DSL by the end of 2009. I know 2009 isn't over yet, but we've been waiting for over 3 years to get DSL from Bellsouth/AT&T and it has never happened. Contacting them over the phone doesn't work, no matter how much we annoy them. There wasn't anything else I could think of to do, so I decided to try the forums. Any help/insight would be appreciated.

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Re: DSL Service Not Available In My Area

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Re: DSL Service Not Available In My Area

Almost 6 years ago we were promised DSL would be available in our area by the end of the year. Still not available; I never thought to ask by the end of what year!
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Re: DSL Service

Can anyone confirm that this tactic has EVER worked with this company? My street is about 200 yards from DSL, and I've been checking availability regularly for over 3 years, with zero luck.
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DSL Availability with new lines

I am asking about DSL availability for my dad. About 4 years ago they ran new lines down his road, through his yard. He had to sign an easement allowing them to dig up the yard a little bit in order to run the new lines. The new lines are fiber optic lines.

That was 4 years ago, the fiber optic lines were run, yet he still does not qualify for DSL. I have been checking for him regularly ever since they ran the new fiber optic lines to see if he qualifies for DSL. I'm not sure if they have hooked the new lines up to the little distribution box that runs copper to his house, but I'm also not sure what the hold up is here. Or maybe the fiber optic lines aren't meant for residential use?

Another funny part is, he gets calls from AT&T every few months asking him if he would like to sign up for DSL. He tells them that he would if it was available for him, but its not. The customer service rep does a quick check and says "You are right sir, it is not available for you." It might do the representatives some good if they only called customers that have DSL available to them.

The area where he lives does not have cable, and no DSL, means everyone on the road is still using dialup. I would think that AT&T could get a lot of new DSL customers in that area.

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Re: DSL Service

if you don't have it now there is not much chance you will get it until they decide to put in Uverse for your street. If your area adds a 100 housing units very close  you MAY get dsl. Sorry about the bad news.

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2Rural4DSL - What year is this?? Still No DSL Service Available.

I live in ZIP code 38068 and still can't get DSL service. We've been waiting 7 YEARS! Neighbors living 1 mile away have it. AT&T is losing a lot of money to HughesNet and WildBlue. AT&T... WAKE UP and smell the Technology Coffee!! It's going to be 2010 soon! The Satellite providers will be more advanced than you when their new satellites are launched in 2011. How many more years do we have to wait for AT&T to step up as a REAL provider?
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Re: 2Rural4DSL - What year is this?? Still No DSL Service Available.

Dear 2rural, I read your post and just had to reply. AT&T is going the same way of the US Post Office, offering too little too late, everyone and there brother is offering a better service usually at a better price. I have a hospital and a school with in one mile of my house and they have DSL but I can't. All I get from service is keep checking your phone number on the website to see when it is available.....I have for the past 5 years and am sick of it. We are an advanced nation in so many ways but service providers still fall far behind other developed nations. What is up with this? If anyone comes down my road offering an internet service, they will get my business, infact, even if no one does come, we may drop our land line phone (AT&T) and just use cell phones (non-AT&T). I have so many friends using DSL and my kids can't even do school work because the dial up is so bad. Thanks for letting me vent but sometimes I can't stand the arrogance of these providers, sending me flyers in the mail offering DSL when its not even available to me...........

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Re: 2Rural4DSL - What year is this?? Still No DSL Service Available.

My complaint wouldn't be nearly as bad if they had not run new lines in front of my dad's house. Why run new lines and not offer any new services?

I realize that there are rural parts of America, I realize that my dad even lives in one of these rural parts. I know other countries, like Japan for example, are much smaller and have less ground to cover. I realize all of that. But why run new lines if you're not going to run any new services? That just seems like a waste of lines. I suspect that AT&T customers are paying for these lines in some roundabout way, but AT&T is not even using them.

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