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DSL Light Starts Blinking Red and Green when someone calls...


DSL Light Starts Blinking Red and Green when someone calls...

I have had DSL for 1 month and 2 weeks.  I have a 2wire Gateway.  The first month it was hooked up to my laptop and it worked flawlessly.  No connection drops except for the first 2 days and it happened twice that was it. 


Well I decided to move it to my Desktop to a new spot and that is when the problems began.  At first, I tried hooking in my Netgear Router into the back of the 2wire gateway and I didn't realize that I had to bridge it (DSL light started blinking red and green), finally figured that out and just removed the Netgear Router all together.  Well the blinking DSL lights stopped or so I thought (they were pretty frequent when I had the Netgear Router plugged in). 


Then, at night after 7:00pm, the DSL Light would start blinking red and than green (while the Internet light was out).  It would come back about 20 seconds to 1 minute later.  I had my home phone ringer turned low.  Well I had a thought 3 days ago (after this had been happening for 4-6 days in a row at night), that maybe someone was trying to call at that time (telemarketers). 


Well turned the ringer up and I received no phone calls the first night and the DSL and Internet Lights stayed solid green.  Last night around 8:08pm, phone rings and the DSL light starts blinking red and green.  Lights go back to solid after about 15 seconds.  At around 8:22pm, no call but the Internet Light goes solid red (DSL light still solid green) for about 2-3 seconds, blink and you'd miss it basically.  10:35pm does the same thing for about 10 seconds (Internet Light Solid Red, DSL Solid Green). 


This morning, phone rings and the DSL light starts blinking red and green again.  Comes back in about 15 seconds. 


It's great that it comes back right away, but it is getting a little annoying and would like to know if anyone has any suggestions on how to fix the issue or the possibilities of what it could be.   



I have replaced the filters twice.  There is only one phone hooked up in one jack with a filter and the DSL Gateway is hooked up on another jack (with the splitter filter but with no phone cord plugged into the phone side because I don't have a phone hooked up to the jack the 2wire Gateway is on).  



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Re: DSL Light Starts Blinking Red and Green when someone calls...

It may be worth noting that I had another phone call and it didn't go out this time.

Just to clarify: For the past about 9 days, after 7:00pm it would go out (meaning DSL Light Blinks Red then Green) once or twice throughout the evening/night (I wouldn't know if it went out past 10:30pm). But it would come right back. But for about 6 of those days I wouldn't know if when it went out if I received a phone call or not at that time (ringer was low).

But I do know the first day I turned the ringer high, I received no phone calls that I know of, it stayed Solid Green. 2nd Night, phone rang went out and came back right away. 3rd Morning, someone called it went out and came back right away, but 15 minutes later when someone called it didn't go out at all.

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