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Ok, so, I've been getting TERRIBLE lag the past week and it keeps going up. I've made sure my router, modem and pc are fine so would anyone have some other advice? These are pics of my ping from wednesday and tonight. I seriously need some help because I have finals next week and one of them HAS to be done online. We pay for the highest speed 6 mb and have been with AT&T since 2008 with no issues. It's only been the past few months that we've had any real lag...


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Re: DSL Lag

Not really much of a helpful reply, but to add in to the rant:

AT&T claims to be the fastest wireless internet service compared to others.

AT&T claims to allow streaming of videos, gaming, and surfing the web "all at the same time."

And here is the KICKER: 

I am sitting in front of my Sony Vaio Laptop, loading into an FPS game, when it starts. Then, the Ping spikes. Someone dies. Good one AT&T. 


Another issue. Random Blackouts without warning. I call in to question. Spend a good half hour talking to a robot. Then I spend another good 10 Minutes waiting to be transferred to REAL person to talk to. JUST to ask why the internet is down. "Oh we're very sorry, but it appears that there is some work getting done in your area at the time." Okay. So when will you guys be finished? "Oh at the time being, we can't determine when we will be done." OR, I would get another what's-the-word, oh LAME excuse such as "Oh it appears to be at your end that is malfunctioning, we will send you someone to come check at your house, when will you be available? Okay, so I schedule an appointment of sorts. They come to my house, and guess what? As if by magic, SOMETHING IS WRONG. Or it could be some sort of money-avariced conspiracy and they lie just to get that CASH. So anyways, they recommend changing my Modem and Router; Me, being the eager-to-get-my-internet-back guy, agree to this. So then I pay for my replacements, THANK GOD. Everything works fine now, no more lagging, no more spikes. 


Happy Ending Yes? 


Nope. Turns out, a week later, stuff happens to the net again, Lagging and huge spiking. Hehehe, kind of ticked off, I called and asked why. Wasted another hour of my life. But yeah, they say "Oh, your games are causing your internet to lag and time you out... Oh great. Now its all the customers fault yeah? First it was my problem because my Modem was crappy, and now its because I game? 


Sigh...Pitiful really, For a huge company that CLAIMS to be the fastest and most reliable AND also having the capability of allowing multiple people using the internet at the same time to start lagging and slowing down with only ONE person on the net, and to top it off with the crimson cherry, dodges questions and blames a game. Sure, that game is intensive and internet draining, but keep in mind that at the times I game, the internet is being used SOLELY by myself. By the way, my laptop is less than a year old and also designed for gaming. It's a gaming laptop. Yeah. 


TLSmiley Very HappyR


AT&T should really live up to their reputation, and stop blaming others for their incapabilities.

Blaming the customer is BAD. Business 101? Hello? 

Blaming others is Bad in general. (Blames Games for lag) LOL.


To Be Honest:

Sorry AT&T, your service, in my humble opinion, is is dwindling. It is like Apple after Steve Jobs died. New things are being made, but they are barely different from the now Vintage-seeming Iphone 4. Not only that, you claim to offer affordable and reliable internet, yet random blackouts without warning occur many times throughout the year. To top that off: I've been your customer for about 3 years now, and have upgraded plans, expecting the PRICE agreed upon to stay that way. After about a year, it started going up. So worsening internet for higher prices NICE common sense there haha.


You lost another customer due to your inability to stand up to your promises and unreliable yet skyrocketing internet costs. GOING to that ComCast Smiley Very Happy. They are affordable, stable, and actually WARN you before temporarily doing maintenance. And that is only once a year. 


Thanks for nothing, 

Dat_Rater signing off.


P.S: Sorry for creating such a long reply instead of an actual post, but this website is also very jibberish and confusing. I can't figure out how to post a discussion. I dislike so many things about AT&T right now.

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