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DDos attack reporting.


DDos attack reporting.

I've been getting quite a few ddos attacks on my router recently while playing xbox. The people doing it can easily find my IP address and flood my router so that I'm removed from the game. The problem is this downs my router for 10-20 minutes disconnecting my internet in the whole household. 

My first thought, check my router logs, there's sure to be something in there so that I can find the IP address of the attacker so that I can take proper action. But I can't seem to find anything in the Logs of my router. 

Is there any way I can find who hit me without being forced to call ATT?

This is a simple thing I've seen in many routers from other ISPs, maybe I'm overlooking it, but any help is appreciated.

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Re: DDos attack reporting.

What make and model is your modem/router?





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