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Cannot update my personal web page


Cannot update my personal web page

I just received an email from AT&T indicating that in March my DSL service bill will increase.  In this email At&T list what my DSL service provides.  One of those "services" is "Personalized Home Page."  Yet when I tried to update my "personalized home page" using FTP I get the following message:

"On or after September 12, 2012 the Personal Web Page feature will be restricted. It will no longer be possible to create a new Personal Web Page.  Users with Personal Web Pages that have been actively managed or viewed since March 10, 2012 will be able to continue updating their established pages. Message Board features will no longer be available or functional.  Active users should bookmark the "Personal Web Page" management page for future reference and use.  Visit for additional information." 

Why then cannot I update my web page?  Does At&T speak with forked tongue?  Tech Support says service no longer available.  What gives? Gene {Personal content removed for your safety}

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Re: Cannot update my personal web page



     I'm sorry that your having issues updating your personal web page. Please send a private message using the link below for some assistance on this matter. Please include your name, email address, phone number and the best time to be contacted. Please allow up to 48 hrs for a team member to reach out. I have also included a link for information on personal web space, information you might already be aware of but wanted to include.


Private Message


AT&T Personal Web Page





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Re: Cannot update my personal web page

I have also been having the same problems and have not been able to get any edits to save and also cannot create any new photo albums. AT&T technical support is trying to help me and I look forward to being able to continue the PWP.
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Re: Cannot update my personal web page

i am happy to report that AT&T has worked very well with me in resolving the problem. I am now able to edit my PWP and the updates are working well. I was contacted by a representative from the President's office in Atlanta who put me in touch with the right people. This is the best technical support assistance I have ever received from AT*T.
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Re: Cannot update my personal web page

Willisxx - can you help the rest of us?  Who do we contact?  Who are the "right people".  There is a thread where at least from 08/16 we have not been able to FTP to update our web pages.   I last did about a month ago, today it isn't working.  No one at helpdesk(s) knows what I am talking about.


Please read the newer posts in the following thread:

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Re: Cannot update my personal web page

At the top of this string one of the posts had a "private email" included in a response from an AT&T person.  I clicked on that email address and sent a detailed description of my inability to save any edits on my PWP and was called by a staff person in the Atlanta "President's" office.  That number was 404-986-8009.  The person at that number then connected with with a "Thomas" who was in India (I think) but who was able to get the problem resolved.  The Atlanta office also called me in followup to be sure the problem had been resolved.


I suggest start by sending an email to the "private email" link at the top of this string.  If you don't get a response in 2-3 days, try calling the telephone number in my message and relate the problem you are having.


Like you, my attempts at regular "customer service" were futile.  I hope this works for you as it did me.

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Re: Cannot update my personal web page

The link is "private message" and not private email.  It is an email address, however.

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Re: Cannot update my personal web page

Can you tell us what the problem was and what you did to fix it?  It might just save others from having to go through all the Indian tech support.

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Re: Cannot update my personal web page

The problem was that I was unable to save any edits. I do not know what they did to fix it. Sorry I can't tell you what the tech people did to fix it.
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