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Cannot send email from account


Cannot send email from account

I have not been able to send messages consistently from this account for 4-5 days. After spending 2+ hours with tech support over the last few days, they told me the problem is that I'm sending too many emails...which is funny, since I can only sporadically send anything at all.


Does anyone have any ideas? I need to resolve this issue or change ISPs; when I mentioned this option to the last tech I talked to, she didn't seem overly concerned about losing a customer.



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Re: Cannot send email from account

Hi Kelly,


I am having the same identical issue myself with my sbcglobal account!!!!  This just started a week or two ago and I don't know how to fix it.  Any chance you have the phone number of the tech support you called for this matter?  I can at least add my name to this issue in the hope it gets moved up the list of urgency as this is very frustrating.

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Re: Cannot send email from account

I got the EXACT same problem on my since 3 days. First, it occured sporadically. Then, grew up in frequency. Then, began to get very frequent "Please wait...A Save operation is in progress" message. Also, getting "http error 504" messages. Now I cannot type fast on my keybd, and words I am typing get displayed partially. Yet I am typing very fast on this here site with no problem. I have 2 other PC's at home: A desktop and a laptop. If I use them to access my own account - have no probem! Only my own PC has the problem. Another problem sprung up: After booting my PC, I can ONLY send ONE message. Thereafter, getting above-mentioned problems! Cannot do my work, please help!

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Re: Cannot send email from account

Too many emails? That is not possible: An account has UNLIMITED firing power and storage. See:
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Re: Cannot send email from account

I have been having a similar problem with an account.


Beginning  few days ago I was unable to send any mail, new, reply or forward.  Each was met with a tab that contained a message regarding some Outgoing Spam filters being triggered.  The first time it happened I was unable to send any mail for a day I think.  I posted on the yahoo help forums and got only one reply from a moderator with links to some page that was not helpful, listing contacts and how to deal with the account if it was an account or a merged att/yahoo account.  Nothing that described what the heck an account is in the current state of "who is actually handling my account now - Yahoo or ATT"

The first time I changed the password on the account and later was able to send email but first had to type in one of those "anti-spam confirmation codes" and was thereafter able to send email again.

It just happened again an hour ago.  This time I repeated the password change again and after about 25 minutes was able to again send after once going through the anti-spam confirm code entry.

The only thing I can think of is that stupid outgoing spam blocker does not like seeing url's in the message.  I do not send many messages but I do send links to interesting articles and websites to friends.  In the last 24 hours I sent a total of 4 such messages (one actually contained 2 - the obituary and online legacy book of a family friend who had died - sent to a family member).  I wonder if that is what is triggering this annoying and overly sensitive filter?

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Re: Cannot send email from account

Most of my problems disappeared around May the 8th, 2013 at 16:00 Hrs! I'm not asking any question. I am now able to send messages galore as I used to some 1.5 months ago. I still get the traditional but now occasional-only "PLEASE WAIT...A SAVE OP IS IN PROGRESS" message, but that could be legit if I ask to save too fast after a just-made SAVE. As well, I get the traditional 504 errors but that is probably due to up-the-chain ops and not necessarily to my immediate Service Access point (a Server, i.e). Tks.

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Re: Cannot send email from account

If your settings have been changed to the new Full-Featured email options, just change it to the Basic option.


On the top of your Inbox, click on the Options icon (looks like a gear/wheel) next to your name.


Go to Mail Options or Mail Settings.


On the bottom under Account Settings, change the bullet from Full-Featured to Basic. 


On the top, hit Save.


This will change the way your inbox looks, but you should be able to compose & send email now.




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