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Can't send or forward emails


Can't send or forward emails

If I try to send or forward some emails, it will not recognise the address in the To: field.  Say there are no recipeints in the To or the Send button is grayed out.  Also, the autobounce check did not respond but it will if I check my email on my phone.  Only having this problem on computer.

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Re: Can't send or forward emails

I am having the same problem using the latest Google Chrome on XP Pro.  If I reply to an email in the browser it does not address and I can't type or do anything.


It seems to work OK in IE8, but not in Chrome...

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Re: Can't send or forward emails


I had the same problem for several weeks. Experienced in two browsers: Internet Explorer as well as Google Chrome.


I finally searched the Internet and followed a suggestion to clear everything because might be something in the cache causing the problem.


So I deleted everything from history, cookies, and Internet temporary files.  


I ran my AVG virus full computer scan (not quick scan), then ran the free Malwarebytes (anti-malware).  


Next I visited Update sites to make sure I had all the latest updates for JAVA and for Microsoft.  For a change I considered the optional Microsoft updates, not just the priority recommended updates.


Also checked for any Chrome updates (click on About Google Chrome from the options menu in top right - the three horizontal lines with options to customize & control Chrome).


I rebooted the computer (turn off and restart) along the way after each activity.


Took a long time to do all those steps, but I haven't seen that problem (send button grayed out) again - not since I put in the time to clear out & update everything.

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